Beauty Sleep Isn't a Myth

Everyone knows about getting their beauty sleep, right? But just how much truth is there to the claim? Does the amount of sleep you get actually affect your appearance?

You need your sleep

The benefits of sleep are myriad, although there is such a thing as too much sleep. Consistently getting more than 9 hours of sleep can actually be unhealthy. A lack of sleep, on the other hand, increases your risk by 12%. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night contributes to a healthy immune system, better decision making, better memory, lessened risk for obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Collagen and repairs

But where skin is concerned? At night, your body transitions to rest & digest mode, repairing and restoring from the damage of the day. Part of that process includes producing collagen. Collagen is what gives the skin strength, elasticity, and helps with hydration, all of which help to prevent and reduce wrinkles. Want to reduce sagging? Schedule more sleep & watch your skin plump up (ok, so it might not happen like that but sleep is very good for healthy skin).

Increased blood flow

Blood flow to the skin increases at night, creating a glowing complexion come morning. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, leaves skin dull and lifeless. Plagued by under-eye circles? Sleep can reduce those, too, as will sleeping with the head slightly elevated. Dark circles can be caused by poor circulation, one of the side effects of sleep deprivation. Taking the time to get a good night sleep improves circulation, dark circles & leaving you bright eyed & bushy tailed come morning!

Facial cues

Lack of sleep, even for one night, can take a toll on your facial expressions. Onestudy looked at fatigue, facial cues, and sadness, consistently noting that sleep deprived individuals look the part. Pronounced wrinkles & fine lines, swollen & red eyes, droopy eyelids, pale skin, and frowns were increased in people low on sleep. They were also observed to appear sadder. Want to look your best? Make sure you’re getting enough sleep consistently.

Get the most bang for your buck

Our favorite reason for getting your beauty sleep? It makes your skincare products more effective (if you are using the right ones ;). The increased circulation, protection from the elements, and repairing & restoring that goes on at night make your skin better able to use the healing products you apply. Check out our suggestions for the perfect evening routine here.

Final thoughts

Just knowing that you need more sleep isn’t always enough to make it happen though, is it? Stay tuned for tips on taking those 7-8 hours from dream to reality.

Want to support your body’s collagen production? Check out our bone broth recipe here. Don’t have time to make bone broth? Here is our favorite collagen product that can be added to water (no, really you can't taste it), coffee, tea, anything. It has no flavor and is a staff favorite of ours.

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