Take it Slow

Sometimes you have to just start, right?

When thinking about making healthy choices, it can seem overwhelming.

  1. you need to get hydrated
  2. get enough sleep
  3. rebuild your gut 
  4. balance your hormones
  5. exercise
  6. eat a healthy diet and somehow still work, care for your family, have a social life, and keep a clean house?! Who do we think you are, a superhero?



Yes, it’s a lot of work to build new habits, especially when you start them all at once.

How many times have you set New Year’s Resolutions, kept up with them for a few weeks, then one day wake up & realize they’ve all fallen to the wayside? Trying to change everything about your life all at once is a recipe for disaster.

There’s a right way to go about making change in your life. But first, breathe.

Start small

That’s the biggest secret to making lasting change. Have visions of radical change & castles in the sky? Awesome! Dreams & goals are SO important, don’t ever give them up. Instead, find a way to distill it down into one small step you can take today.

Want to run a marathon?

Park at the back of the parking lot every time. Then go for short daily walks. Slowly work your way up to walking several miles, then a mix of running & walking, eventually all the way to 26.2 miles.

Want to eat healthy?

Add a salad for lunch or fresh veggies with dinner. You don’t have to do an exhausting overhaul of your entire kitchen or throw out every processed food in your pantry. Just start adding some fresh foods to your meals.

Need to get hydrated?

1. Buy a good water bottle. We share our favorites here.

2. Drink 16-20oz. upon waking up. This will jump start your digestion and get things flowing (you'll see what we mean ;).

3. 16-20+ oz. before noon.

4. 16-20+ oz. before dinner.

You do those and you will be on your way to getting hydrated. It's a great habit.

Be consistent

One salad does not a healthy diet make. But one salad every day, or one handful of greens thrown into a daily morning smoothie will go a long way towards nourishing your body.

Even one nourishing meal a day can make a big difference on your body’s health. But you need to follow through & nourish your body every day. It won’t be long before you’ll have established a habit & it’ll become second nature to have that daily smoothie or salad.

You might even look forward to it!

Then move on to adding one more healthy habit! And so on...

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Start small, be consistent. Over time you’ll find yourself reaching for healthier options & living your best life.

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