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Do oils clog pores? It scares me to put oil on my acne-prone skin.

We have been programmed to think that oils are the cause of acne. It's a common misconception.
Natural plant oils do not clog pores. Mineral oils and hydrogenated oils are the culprits of giving oils a bad rap. Mineral oil (also known as Vaseline and baby oil) is a by-product of the distillation of petroleum industry and other petroleum-based products from crude oil. These ingredients act like a raincoat on your skin.
It's essential for skin to be able to breathe. Hydrogenated oils are especially harmful when consumed and your body does absorb what is put on it. Non-GMO, non-hydrogenated, and minimally processed plant oils are the best for healing, nourishing,  and hydrating the skin. So, you don't have to fear the right kind of healthy oils. They don't deserve it.

We would love to tell you more about how to get relief from acne, here.


Why don’t we use water in our formulations?

Learn all you want to know about water in skin care, here.


Will the change in consistency effect the purity of the products?

The change in the consistency of our products in no way effects the purity of this product. Simply store between 65-80 degrees for the best consistency. Learn more here.


Will our products feel greasy?


IF YOUR FACE IS SHINY, YOU HAVE USED TOO MUCH! (not that too much will harm your skin, on the contrary) YOU ONLY NEED A TINY AMOUNT.

We are so used to putting on tons of lotion because most are made with lots of water and other fillers that dilute the product.

Our products are super concentrated; a little goes a long way. Many of the plant oils we use penetrate deep into your skin to heal and soothe the parts of the skin you don't see but aid the outside in looking amazing! So,whichever product you choose they will quickly absorb without looking or feeling greasy, only soft, smooth & refreshed!

Remember, a little goes a long way on the face! While Nourish and CURE can be used anytime, your skin absorbs nutrients most effectively after a warm shower. Thus, it will absorb quicker when applied on a slightly damp body before toweling off.


Will the smell of essential oils overwhelm me?

At Bloom, we use only essential oils or herbal extracts rather than perfumes or scents made in a lab. Our scents have other purposes than just smell (although that is reason enough to add them) such as reduce inflammation and congestion of pores. The scents are not overpowering rather gentle and refreshing.


What about an expiration date?

In the same way you wouldn't want to eat an apple that was able to stay fresh for years, we don't think skin care should be able to stay on the shelf for years either. Because we use the freshest, most pure ingredients with no additives such as synthetic or harmful preservatives to allow them to sit on a shelf for years, we recommend using our products within five (5) months of purchase. You will love them so much; that won’t be a problem. We purchase ingredients and make batches frequently to give you the freshest products available!


Do we offer samples?

Currently we do not have samples because the entire experience of healing and soothing skin gets lost in using a product for only a few days as a sample size would provide.

When switching to any bloom product, you should always allow some transition time for the skin to adjust. When you begin to change your diet to healthier choices, your body goes through real lasting change. Skin care works the same way.

If you don't think these are the best products ever, we offer a money back guarantee.