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I get asked a lot!

I often get emails asking what my favorite products are (outside of skin care), which laundry soap I use, shampoos that work (testing out a few but the jury is still out), green powders, etc.

So, I thought I would compile my list of favorites for you. These are products I have used and continue to use in my home.

So I'm frugal. Not cheap, frugal. There is a difference.

It took me years to get a Prime Membership. Sure, my sisters told me but still.

Now I look back and it seems silly. I can get stuff a lot cheaper and without needing to drive all over town to get it. Plus, the plethora of reviews help me to make great decisions on the best products.

So, try it.

So, here is the list...

Personal Items

These work really well plus, it cuts down on tampon or pad costs and reduces waste in landfills.

They come with a convenient carrying case which is good.

My only warning is that it can be difficult to use when out in public ;) But for sticking around home or nighttime, it's perfect. Depending on your flow, these are great and hold a lot!

Dry Brush for body

We talk alot about detoxing your skin but did you know that you can also detox your body by dry brushing your skin?

Dry brushing stimulates the Lymphatic system which collects and transports waste to the blood. It also invigorates your skin.

A long handle like this one helps to get in those hard-to-reach spots. Dry brushing is best done in the morning before showering but can be done at any time of the day.

Try it. You will love it!


Here's the truth.

I was at Costco and a woman had a large pitcher [you know the kind with a spigot] filled with water and some orange slices. She said it had protein in it. I took the sample and it tasted like water with orange slices. No lie.

So, I bought it and put it in my water bottle each time I fill it up, in my coffee in the morning, and in the large pitcher of ice water I have outside on my porch for my family to grab to stay hydrated.

You.cannot.taste.this. Honest. Get it. It helps with skin too! Woohoo!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

This doesn't taste too bad but I'm a wimp like that. Get the berry flavor. This is a simple way to get greens in your body and nourish your skin from the inside out. The amount of nutrients in it is incredible.

I will always be honest with you about taste and the quality of ingredients. This one contains, not only the highest quality ingredients but it also has no added fructose (sweetener). In my book that makes it the best recommendation.

WARNING: This stuff doesn’t taste that great. Honestly, I plug my nose then down some water to get the taste out of my mouth. It isn’t goopy or thick just earthy and slightly gritty but SUPER nutritious. I tell you this because I want you to succeed. If you know that you will not stick with something if it tastes bad then this one my not be for you. But, again, I am a wimp when it comes to taste.

Remember, getting healthy is a marathon not a sprint. The goal is success not failure. Go for it.

Ancient Nutrition SBO probiotics

I'm recommending this because I believe in Ancient Nutrition. They make great stuff and just like we want Bloom to be the company you trust to have the best and most safe ingredients, I trust Ancient Nutritions.

Household Items
Molly's Suds All Sport Laundry Wash

I've searched. And Searched. And Searched to find a laundry soap that has safe ingredients AND works. This one is it and it has a great name ;)

As far as I can tell, these ingredients are pretty good, too. It was founded by a woman with a touching story about what lead her to create a toxic-free laundry soap.

I was actually AMAZED by this product. It got out grimy things stuck in clothes that other "natural" and natural products didn't do. And I have looked for a long time.

I just used this SPORT version for the first few weeks to get the gunk out of my clothes so we could start the regular version below on a level playing field. Now I use it for all the sport clothes a family with 5 sons and a husband go through ;)

It was a tad more money but SOOOOO worth it.

There isn't much of a scent to it which I actually like because all scents that last are synthetic and not good for you.

So enjoy this one and let me know what you think.

Molly's Suds Laundry Powder

This is the little sister (and easier on the pocket book) than the SPORT version. I use this for daily laundering.

Get it. You won't be disappointed.

Have you ever had towels that just, over time smell musty? Like they haven't dried properly?

I have. So, when it came time for new towels for beach and pool, I decided to try something my sister had used for beach towels, a thin, turkish-cotton towel. Don't think fluffy, think thin and they dry SUPER fast which cuts down on time in the dryer which conserves energy...

Although they are not super warm for cooler temps [who is swimming anyways], they are wonderful for summer. My family is loving ours.

So, try turkish towels like these for pool or bath because I used to spend WAY too much time (and energy) drying towels.


Food Items

Berkey Water Filter

There is nothing I don't love about this.

It makes great tasting water no matter if you have well or city or something else (is there?).

It seems like water is getting scarier. It doesn't have to be.

You can store it right on the counter as is. We store it in a closet and use a countertop glass jar with spigot to grab water throughout the day. I pour 2 gallons in as two gallons are emptying into the glass container for dispensing. It works great and the main filter lasts for years. You can get extra filters depending on your water. When we had city water, we got the filters shown in the picture.

Love it!


Turmeric Ginger Tea

This is delish with a tiny bit of honey. Amazing for a sore throat, too.

There is nothing more to say.

Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea

This is my FAVORITE tea evah!!!

I drink this ALL year round. Is that weird? Who cares? It's so good. This feels like fall but it is just as enjoyable in spring and summer.

I'm a fan of honey in most things but I don't put any in this. It doesn't need it.

I put 2 tea bags in a large mug and most of the time I just leave the bags in there. Sometimes it can get spicy after a while but still. It's so good.

This is my signature beverage at soccer tournaments. I always have a large carafe of hot water, extra mugs, and several tea bags which I give out to other parents. I love that. It's like hospitality on the road.

I'm going to make some right now.

Pamela's GF Baking and pancake mix

This is my go-to flour for EVERYTHING. Apple Pie, pancakes, waffles, shortbreads like banana bread, EVERYTHING.

Click here to get my yummy GF Dairy-Free Waffle Recipe!

Get it on subscribe and save. It's cheaper and it will always be in stock at your house.

Silpat baking sheets

These are fantastic for making granola, cookies, anything. Saves having to use aluminum foil or parchment paper.

I will say, I like the browning of veggies I get with a bare pan rather than this.

If you don't know how much I LOVE instant pots, you must be new.

I use them for so many things to feed my large family. The best part is I don't need to think about dinner in the morning in order for it to be done by dinnertime.

A recipe using raw frozen chicken will be done in about 50 minutes. Isn't that cool?

Plus, it might be on sale right now!!

If you have one, do you love it?

Who remembers the paper version from childhood?

These melamine plates are fantastic for using outside without adding garbage to the landfill.

They are super durable and look adorable. Knife marks hardly show up. Mine still look great. I get a ton of compliments on them.

Salad plates, too.

These are perfect for ice cream outside or little sauce bowls for BBQ.

So, we have a pool which means lots of people come over. Hydration is important when being outside expending energy [anytime really].

I have tried a few kinds like these like the stemless wine glass shape and the 16oz. size. The 16 oz. size was much too big for sips by the pool, the stemless wine glass shape weren't stackable so they were hard to store.

These are the perfect size for little ones and adults alike and they don't crush under pressure. And they will last for nearly EVER.

I'm testing a few ideas for marking cups so people [kids] don't get a new cup each time they want a sip. Stay tuned.

I first purchased these on a family vacation. They work wonderfully for wrapping bread, sandwiches, half a lemon, etc.

They have some cute styles, too.

I love these for storing produce like greens. I get the bag damp and store kale or lettuce in it.

If you plan well enough, bring them along to the grocery store to save on using those plastic produce bags.

Speaking of grocery bags. These look so great for holding produce or extra groceries. In all honesty, I don't have these but have been looking at them for a while.

This is the only coffee maker we own. When plastic is heated up it releases toxins. These have no plastic parts so are very safe and toxin free.

When having a large gathering, I make one batch and place it in a carafe. Then, I pre-grind beans for however many batches you think you will need. I place ground beans in the filter inside a bowl so they are ready to go when I need it. All you would need to do is heat up the water and you are ready for a new batch.

These are the filters for the Chemex coffee maker above.

I use these for sandwich bags when my kids go to work or classes. Saves me a ton of plastic bags!!!

They have some great colors.

That is all I have for now. Live green and help save our planet and make your life a little easier.

Let me know if you have any thoughts.

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