May 10, 2017 0 Comments

I know what you are thinking. How can waffles without gluten and dairy possibly be good?

I've had the same thoughts.

For years, I have been on the hunt for a waffle maker that wasn't non-stick. We don't even own non-stick anything. I'm a cast iron girl. I even tried the cast iron model of waffle makers but donated it because unlike the cast iron I use, it was so difficult to use and clean. I kept searching thinking that someone somewhere would have come up with this sort of thing.

Then one day, in a moment of unclarity {or what would later prove to have been clarity) I threw all my concern over using non-stick out the window and bought one.

Once home I quickly google searched for an amazing recipe. I think it was the first one I came to. Then, in place of adding regular flour, I used Pamela's GF flour. Now that I was so boldly taking this recipe and making it my own, I felt confident to substitute the milk for...almond milk. I had just picked up a case of it from Costco. Bam. 

We all stood around the waffle maker waiting for the timer to go off. Lifting the lid to reveal the crispy brown goodness was quite a moment. Eating it was entirely better.

We do big breakfasts. My husband should open a restaurant. His creations are unmatched. Prior to this, it was either oatmeal, pancakes {GF} or eggs done many different ways. It was time for something new.

Oh, baby! These were so yummy with Kerry Gold Butter {please tell me you've tried it} and real maple syrup. They were so good that sometimes, for a snack for myself and not wanting to have sugar, I would slip some I had saved into the toaster, butter it up and add a little pink Himalayan sea salt on it. {I think I might go do that right now.}

Anyways, here is the recipe. You are welcome.

{Click on recipe to download the PDF}