My Top 3 Molly’s Suds Products

Some of my favorites.

Yesterday you got to hear the compelling story and honest principles behind Molly’s Suds from their founder, Monica. Today, I am sharing my top 3 Molly’s Suds products not because I am trying to sell you something but because I truly and passionately believe in their products.

It wasn’t too long ago when I first made the switch to Molly’s Suds and I started with All Sport, I vividly remember after the first load I pulled one my husband's [near retirement] t-shirts out of the dryer and exclaimed out loud, “Holy cow it’s back to life.” You see, after years of trying natural laundry products that only worked for a little, Brad's t-shirts had a coating of build up and even if it's natural, it doesn't feel great. I often laugh about this initial experience with Molly’s Suds but to be honest, still to this day when I am washing those almost-ready-for-the-trash t-shirts I pull them out and declare “oh they feel so soft” over and over again.

This is what toxin-free living is all about, striking gold with a product that not only tells a compelling story but also has products (without nasty toxins) that work. This is the exact approach we take at Bloom Naturals, I hope you can clearly see the similarity. We are wildly passionate about bringing you a clean, toxin-free product that actually works. No marketing gimmicks and no yucky gunk in our recipes.

This is why Molly’s Suds has become a trusted brand for me and an everyday product I use in our home. I trust their heart and I trust their ingredients with my own family and that is why I love that I can recommend it to you and yours.

While I haven’t tried each and every product Molly’s Suds has to offer (though I'm well on my way) I can recommend the ones you’ll find in my home.

My Top 3:
  • All Sport | This is the first product I tried from Molly’s Suds and I recommend the same to you. If you’ve been stuck in the Tide troop for too long and are looking to break into the natural side of things, this is a smooth first step. You will not be disappointed with the level of clean your clothes come out with-- layers of grim and build up are resolved with a round of All Sport.
  • Laundry Powder | After running all of our laundry through a round of All Sport to rid it of residues, I switched to the classic Laundry Powder (well, aside from the smelly sport stuff that still needs extra strength) and have been continually surprised at the affordability and effectiveness this powder pack. A small scoop will do with this soap.
  • Sweater Wash | It may be “summer” where we live but that doesn’t mean our sweaters are tucked away just yet (sore subject, i know). There isn’t much I buy in the dry clean only camp but I love this gentle soap I can use on all of the cozy sweaters and delicates I do have. Bonus, it has a wonderful and subtle lavender smell.

BONUS: because who doesn’t love bonuses? One more thing I want to highlight is the Oxygen Whitener, it isn’t a product that will leave you at a loss for words but it is a classic and faithful whitener that doesn’t include bleach (yay) or leave your skin itchy.


Did I mention it is all toxin-free?! That is what I love most, I can trust the integrity of Molly’s Suds labels just like you can trust mine. As a mom of 5 and wife to one, being able to bring honest products that are chemical-free and safe for my family into the loads of laundry I do each week is a huge win. I hope you enjoy Molly’s Suds as much as I do, I look forward to hearing your thoughts, leave them in the comments below!


-- Molly

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