With each of these irritations, it is the bacteria, fungus or yeast that causes issues.

Please Note: While some of our products can help treat these issues topically, many are a sign that something in the gut is off kilter. Thus, along with topical treatments, also seek help to get your gut in order or treat your condition internally.

Yeast Infection

Over the years, we have received feedback from customers saying Nourish or Relief works as a natural Yeast infection remedy.

Also, in the line of yeast issues, many nursing mothers have used Nourish topically to help with Thrush.

Staph Infection

A Staph infection is a serious issue so you should seek medical attention. What can also help is Spot topically on the affected area to help kill the skin infection but this should be along with treatments for dealing with Staph internally.

Wound Healing

Do you struggle with a wound that doesn't seem to be healing properly? Often times this is caused by an infection of some sort. Apply Spot several times a day to help attack the bacteria or yeast that is preventing healing.

Caution: Spot will most likely sting in an open cut or wound but that is it working. If it stings too much then rinse off.

Hailey's Hailey's Disease

Hailey's Hailey's Disease is a genetic skin disease that has to do with a fungus. While this needs to be dealt with internally, applying Spot topically prevents bacteria growth that can cause secondary infection from an HH outbreak. Apply several times a day to constantly help attack problematic bacteria and fungus.

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Disclaimer: We are not doctors nor do we play ones on this website. Any claims we make have not been tested by the FDA. If you struggle with any of these irritations, seek the care of your medical or naturopathic doctor.