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SPOT {treatment for acne & eczema}

  • SPOT {treatment} is formulated using deep penetrating avocado oil, regenerating tamanu oil, healing frankincense oil, nutritious black cumin seed oil, soothing lavender, and potent bacteria fighting oil of oregano to kill the problematic bacteria deep IN pores that cause acne (even cystic acne) and eczema.

    • avocado oil {persea americana} + tamanu oil {foraha} + frankincense oil {boswellia frereana birdwood} + black cumin seed oil {cuminum cyminum l.} + oil of oregano {origanum vulgare l.} + moringa seed oil {moringa oleifera} + grapefruit oil {citrus paradisi}.

Use SPOT for Acne, Eczema and for quick & complete wound care.

  • Use SPOT when you feel a break out coming or on eczema. Apply several times a day to continually blast those problem areas.
    Conveniently packaged with a roller ball, simply roll on breakouts as they are emerging especially in the evening to allow the deep restorative work to be done while you sleep.
  • For those struggling with acne, we recommend using our CURE-A System along with SPOT rather than just spot alone for complete care.
  • FIRST AID - SPOT has the tendency to sting at times. This is why we recommend allowing the wound to scab a bit before applying SPOT which will reduce the inflammation.
  • .33 oz. in a glass roller bottle for quick application.
  • To learn more about the amazing ingredients found in SPOT, click here.

Because of these amazing properties, it works wonders on acne, eczema and even psoriasis! This nourishing oil penetrates deep into the pores of the skin helping to kill the bacteria that causes all types of acne, including cystic acne.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the ingredients we use {like frankincense and oil of oregano} SPOT has what some call a medicinal scent. While this scent might not be used as your latest perfume, it is a powerhouse for helping to heal irritations.
Black Cumin seed is one of the amazing ingredients used in SPOT.


CAUTION: DO NOT use around the eye area as it will irritate eyes. If you get spot in your eyes it might sting so just rinse your eye out under the tap. SPOT may also sting inflamed areas, which means it is working. If it gets too uncomfortable, rinse off. We have used this oil topically and orally for years in our home as a natural antibiotic to treat all kinds of flu, cold, infections, bug bites and skin inflammations. It is one of our favorites. Oregano oil has powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and anti fungal properties even curing infections and colds. It loves to fight all kinds of fungi and yeast, too. This oil is NOT suitable for infants, nursing or pregnant women as it can act as a very moderate blood thinner in large amounts.

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