consistency of our products

We love bringing you healthy products you can trust to be safe for you and those you love.

Because we use the freshest, most pure ingredients found in nature, our products are the freshest if used within 6 months of purchase.

Just like fresh organic fruit and veggies, our products are not laced with preservatives or laboratory created ingredients that last years. The internet is filled with products like that. We aren’t that kind of company; your skin will love the difference fresh makes.

Part of what makes our products so great is that we add only ingredients that soothe, nourish, & protect skin; no fillers of any kind. You see, most products have water as the primary ingredient (meaning: has the largest quantity). Companies mix water and emulsifying WAXES to suspend the oil molecules in the water for a creamy consistency. Why pay for water (which is virtually free) in skin care? Drink it up instead.

Because of the nature of the ingredients we use, the consistency of it will change based on the temperature in which it is stored. This is a way of proving we don’t use fancy tactics of suspension. We recommend storing between 65 -80 degrees. If stored below 70 degrees some products will be creamier, if it is stored above 70 degrees, some will be in a liquid state based on the ingredients. Raw shea butter (found in RENEW, RESTORE & HAND) has a melting point of 89 degrees while coconut oil (not the fractioned kind but full-of-nutrient kind) has a melting point of 78 degrees.

Melting during shipment and feeling grainy

(Should your superfood for skin become liquid (in shipment or otherwise) and you prefer a creamier consistency, simply place in the fridge until solid then place where you will use it most.

Sometimes you may notice a “grainy” feel to our products. It is just our fresh ingredients waiting to be melted by the warmth of your skin. This will in no way effect the purity of the products you will enjoy.Because coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, when exposed to cooler temps below 65 (or left in your car in winter or in the fridge) it can become very hard.

To soften, place in a sink or bowl with hot water until it completely melts then shake well and place in a warmer area. The change in the consistency of our products in no way effect their purity of the high nutrient count.

Shake before enjoying!