Why is Nourish so imporant?

Here's the truth. Nourish will not heal your skin but by removing all the extra fillers and toxic ingredients and feeding your skin this superfood, your skin will begin to heal itself so that hydration and radiance can be restored (and we aren't just talking those with irritated skin). This isn't one of those bandaid-the-problem products.

Just like feeding your body, superfoods allow your skin to work at healing itself, even if healing means getting hydrated as never before. Make sense? We have seen this first hand.

So rather than spend your money on products that just mask the problem (and are filled with toxic and cheap ingredients), get your skin refreshed.

How can oils cleanse?

Oils cling to and dissolve other oils which means they pull off the yuck your skin has accumulated while adding soothing hydration, cleaning out gunk in pores and leaving skin radiant.

The healthy plant oils and extracts we use are the perfect combination to balance your skin's pH and oil levels. Nourish is wonderful for oily, dry or combination skin. While your body should be more alkaline, your skin should be acidic to protect it from the elements.

Click here learn about Oil Cleansing Method.

What are the different uses of Nourish?

  • Body moisturizer - while you can apply Nourish at any time, your skin absorbs nutrients most effectively after a warm shower or bath. Because of this, we recommend applying on the body and face during a bath or shower, while still wet but before toweling off. Since your skin is warm, your pores should be open to receive the nutrients of Nourish. A bit will wash down the drain, some on your towel. No worries. Most of it in where it should be, hydrating your skin.
  • Hydrating face cleanser - gently massage Nourish onto wet warm skin. Allow Nourish to do it's work, rinse (although you will still feel it on your skin, which is good), towel off and apply Restore or Revive.
  • Scalp treatment (even on dandruff) - apply liberally on the scalp, massage in, and let it penetrate for 15 minutes (or while you sleep) then follow with your normal hair cleansing routine.
  • Soothing hydration for bath - add to the flow of water when filling bath, soak then enjoy super soft skin.
  • Moisturizer - for African hair to hydrate and prevent breakage.
  • Softens cuticles - gently message into cuticles to soften.
  • Eye make up remover - Nourish will also remove most eye make ups!
  • Soothes burns - apply on any burn (sun, wind, heat) to soothe and relieve pain.
  • Massage oil - tested by professionals.
  • Shave cream - use Nourish to shave while keeping your legs moisturized.

Can you believe all that is contained in one bottle?

Ingredients found in Nourish

coconut oil* (cocos nucifera) and sunflower oil (helianthus annuus) and avocado oil (persea americana) and grapefruit seed oil* and meadowfoam oil (limnanthes alba) and lavender oil (lavandula angustifolia) and moringa seed oil (moringa oleifera)

Daily Routine

Curious about what a daily routine with Nourish looks like?

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