You need to relax. We can help

Here are some things you should know about stress:

+Long-term stress can increase your risk of mental health disabilities

+Insomnia may be stress-related

+Daytime sleepiness can happen when you’re stressed

+Chronic headaches are sometimes attributed to stress

+Your skin is sensitive to stress, too

+Frequent stress decreases your immune system

+In women, stress may mess up your regular menstrual cycles

+Stress may affect your sex drive

+Chronic stress can cause substance abuse

Don't worry. We've got you covered (literally).

Reducing stress is vital to your health. But we still have to-do lists to do, families to care for, friends to help, work to do, etc.

Below you will find ways to bring a little relaxation into your day. But first...

Why a robe when we sell skin care?

Here's the story. My husband and I were having a little get-away at a spa.

As often is the case, inns will have robes available for guests to use. This was the kind of place where robes were appropriate to wear to the pool and around the grounds. So, as the saying goes, when in Rome...

We BOTH fell in love with these robes but choked on the price ($169) we could purchase them for. My husband loved them so much that he said I needed to get my hands on some so we could enjoy them at home. Our life with 5 teenage sons, homeschooling, and running 2 businesses was more than full. We often found it difficult to destress after a long day. While we knew a robe could not cause us to destress, it could and has provided an atmostphere of relaxation.

Well, after some research, I realized that they were only available in large quantities to the hotel and spa industry. "Buy them all, put your logo on them and offer them to your customers. They will love them, too," he said.

And here we are...

We are so excited to offer these to you at a fraction of the cost should you find them at a spa or hotel.

What we love about them

1. The fabric is soft

The quilted fabric is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. Yes, I realize polyester isn't in our vision of healthy ingredients but stress is very harmful to your body and your skin. These are so soft and comfortable that the stress of the day will melt right off.

2. As Baby Bear said "Not too hot, not too cold, but just right"

Do you have a fluffy robe that is wonderful for those times when you are just freezing but they make you sweat half way through moring coffee or breakfast? Who wants to sweat when they are relaxing? Not me.

Just like the baby bears porridge, this robe won't make you sweat bullets but will keep you just right, even as the mornings turn chilly.

3. perfect sleeve length

Back to making breakfast and not sweating...The sleeves are the perfect length for NOT getting into your breakfast creation or your morning coffee. At 3/4 length, they stay wonderfully out of the way. Do you feel me? This is a thing isn't it? Pulling back big bell sleeves so they don't get in food is a lost cause (unless you have this robe).

4. No peek-a-boo here

I'm a mom of boys, 5 of them. Modesty is an intentional thing at my house. This robe keeps you covered without revealing what shouldn't be. They are nicely sized for lots of coverage yet still being flattering. Maybe you are asking, "is there anything wrong with this robe?" Nope.

5. Great length

The hemline falls about mid calf for that flattering length. No need to pull it up when you walk up the stairs (think high school prom) nor will you feel like you need to wear yoga pants under it to keep you fully covered.

6. They wash up nicely

Wash them in hot, cold or warm water, a front-load or top-loading washing machine, chemically toxic laundry detergent (although I hope not) or super safe soap. They should be washed with whites, obviously. I think that covers all the options.

More than just bathrobes

A little vacation in your day

You've had a busy. day. You're exhausted and need a little R & R but don't have time or money for a vacation every week (Duh). Grab a cup of tea, wine or anything else that is special, don your new robe, dim the lights, and enjoy a little vacation in your day. Ahhhhh.

You can't imagine how healing this is. I try to do this almost daily. This world is so loud. It's noise can be deafening. Have you ever felt that you can't even think straight? Me, too. Quieting myself, even for 15-20 minutes is restful, peacefull, rejuvenating.

You should try it.

Have a spa afternoon with friends

With school in session, it's the perfect time of the year to invite your friends over, hand them robes as they enter and catch up as you enjoy your favorite mug of something warm. might actually feel a tad naughty and think you don't deserve it. You do. Maybe not all day everyday but, you do.


While you watch your kiddos splash in the pool, you and your friends can lay in the lap of luxury in these robes. Think "Calgon, take me away." Make a pitcher of water infused with lemon, limes, cucumber, or any kind of fruit and serve it as you lounge. (WARNING: they may never want to leave.) What Mom couldn't use that kind of relaxing?

Coverage and warmth after a hot tub

These robes absorb very well so are perfect after soaking in the hot tub. However, it will not help with prune-like fingers.


Whether you have an infrared sauna or the kind with rocks and a ladle for water, these robes are the perfect ending to your treatment.  

Guests Staying in your home?

Have you ever been the recipient of incredible hospitality? You never forget that kindness. I've been the recipient of that and it is memorable.

Treat your guests to luxurious robes during their stay and make them feel incredibly special.

If you want to purchase several robes, contact us for bulk pricing.

My challenge to you

As women, you can be so positively powerful in your influences. You have the ability to change this culture in ways that will make this world a better place. But this world and it's noises are drowning out your voice. It causes you to doubt that you are amazing, acceptible, loved, desired, beautiful, that you can change.

But there is a God (I like to call him Daddy, after his name) that is ridiculously joyfully in love with you. He accepts you. He rejoices over you. He quiets you in his loving ways. He is always with you. He takes great delight in you. Imagine that.

If you have believed those negative loud voices for too long, I challenge you to test God. He can handle it.

Take 15-20 minutes alone with no noise in a comfortable spot (perhaps with your new robe) and ask for Creator God to show you what he thinks of you.

Do you dare? What do you have to lose?

Sold out

You've never worn relaxation like this.

The complete ingredient list for the SPA ROBE:

70% Cotton 30% poly blend. Machine washable. (After all, we promise to list the ingredients for EVERYTHING ;)

We have solutions for everyone.

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With our 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but dull, aging, & irritated skin (& toxic ingredients)

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