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WASH {clarifying honey wash for face}

  • WASH is a nourishing, cleansing wash handcrafted with raw honey, melaluca oil (tea tree oil) and grapefruit. Since cleansers strip the skin of important oils, they wreak havoc on already blemished skin.
    Although gentle, WASH is a powerhouse for blasting bacteria, cleaning out pores, while hydrating the skin.

  • Raw local (to bloom) honey, tea tree oil {melaluca}, grapefruit oil {citrus paradisi}

While we preach the praises of using plant oils to cleanse the skin rather than soaps, WASH gets cleansing at a whole new level.

Originally formulated to blast acne, WASH has been shown to help those with dull aging skin as well by refreshing the skin from years of buildup and clogging ingredients. Struggle with adult acne? Your skin will love WASH!
Since WASH is made of honey and essential oils, it's thick and goes on like a soothing mask. Simply massage onto damp {not wet} skin, leave on while you finish showering, then rinse off. Ahhhh!

Learn about the amazing ingredients in WASH and what a daily routine with WASH looks like.

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