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WASH {clarifying honey wash for face}

  • WASH is a nourishing, cleansing wash handcrafted with raw manuka honey, melaluca oil (tea tree oil) and grapefruit oil. Since cleansers strip the skin of important oils, they wreak havoc on already blemished skin.
    Although gentle, WASH is a powerhouse for blasting bacteria, cleaning out pores, while hydrating the skin.

  • Raw Manuka honey, tea tree oil {melaluca}, grapefruit oil {citrus paradisi}

While we preach the praises of using plant oils to cleanse the skin rather than soaps, WASH gets cleaning at a whole new level.

Originally formulated to help with acne, the ingredients in WASH have been shown to help those with dull aging skin as well by refreshing the skin from years of build-up and clogging ingredients.

Manuka Honey is found in New Zealand where the bees get their nectar from the Melaleuca (or Tea Tree) plant. That means the honey carries the anti-bacterial properties found in Tea Tree Oil, more than 75 times the amount compared to regular raw honey. Manuka honey has been tested to attack the strep and staph bacteria which are known to be resistant to many antibiotics. It's that powerful.

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to reduce redness while healing congested or inflamed skin such as with acne and eczema. This is a powerful force against inflamed or irritated skin. The amino acids it contains help slough off dead skin cells, keeping pores cleaned out and skin refreshed. 

Struggle with adult acne? Your skin will love WASH!
Since WASH is made of enzyme-rich Manuka honey and essential oils, it's thick and goes on like a soothing mask. Simply massage onto damp {not wet} skin, leave on while you finish showering, then rinse off. Apply to warm damp skin in the evening, as well. Ahhhh!

NOTE: Given the potent enzyme- and nutrient-richness of Raw New Zeeland Manuka Honey and it's ability to blast away inflammation, we have chosen to switch from the raw local (to Bloom) honey to this amazing stuff. We know your skin will love the difference!

Learn about the amazing ingredients in WASH and what a daily routine with WASH looks like.

Struggle with Cystic Acne or severe eczema?

So, you've struggled for years, spending a small fortune on getting your skin the way you want. We know how hard that is. Well, we do things different {as you read above} and the results are different too. This will be a process but stick with it. I know you will love the results.

Week 1-2

Use CURE as your moisturizer and cleanser, exclusively.

Week 3

Add WASH as your facial cleanser then CURE as your moisturizer for face and body.

Week 4

Adding SPOT to your daily routine, apply on the affected spots. It may sting a bit when applied. This tells you it is working to combat infection which causes inflammation. If it feels too uncomfortable, rinse off and try again at a later time. Do not use if it burns. Although all healthy plant oils, they pack a powerful punch at infection and inflammation.

Learn about our products for irritated skin, here.

Acne, eczema, occasional or constant?

Week 1

Use CURE as your moisturizer and cleanser, exclusively, remembering it has jealousy issues.

Week 2-4

Add WASH as your facial cleanser then CURE as your moisturizer for face and body.

After week 4

Assess your skin. If you think you should stick with the WASH and CURE for longer, go ahead. For some, using WASH and CURE may be their new normal, not needing anything else. If your skin is becoming radiant again and you feel more moisture and nutrients are in order, we can help with that. Learn more here.

Jealousy issues

While many see great results by simply removing products that are filled with additives and toxins and feeding their skin nutrient-dense superfood, it is important to remember that Bloom products have jealousy issues.

While you can't effectively detox your body while eating french fries, the same is true for our products. If you choose to embark on this journey of healthy radiant skin, it won't work properly if you feed your skin the proverbial french fries along with the healthy stuff.

Learning a new way of cleansing and caring for your skin is possible and the benefits are amazing, as you will see. Learn more about cleansers, here.


When you detox your body, there may be times when you feel rather yuck because your body is eliminating the toxins so it can heal properly. Some experience this with their skin. If you breakout after beginning CURE, hang in there. Your skin is working through the yuck which may be why your skin was irritated and clogged in the first place. Once the initial detoxing is complete, your skin will go about the work of healing itself and you will love the results.