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the CURE-A system {for acne}

      • We get it! Your skin is on your face. You can't get away from it. It is your visual billboard to the world. Struggling with acne can be a painful experience. You may have gotten the raw deal as far as skin.
        But REAL help is on the way. No more hiding. Isn't that good news?.

        1. Wash with WASH (obviously)
        2. Apply SPOT treatment on irritated spots
        3. Hydrate with CURE

      • The CURE-A system for acne includes:

        SPOT - avocado oil {persea americana} + tamanu oil {foraha} + frankincense oil {boswellia frereana birdwood} + black cumin seed oil {cuminum cyminum l.} + oil of oregano {origanum vulgare l.} + moringa seed oil {moringa oleifera} + grapefruit oil {citrus paradisi}
        CURE - extra virgin coconut oil* {cocos nucifera} + sunflower oil {helianthus annuus} + avocado oil {persea americana} + chia seed oil {salvia hispanica} + grapefruit seed oil* + meadowfoam oil {limnanthes alba} + lavender oil {lavandula angustifolia} + grapefruit oil {citrus paradisi} + moringa seed oil {moringa oleifera}
        *made using organic practices


1. Wash with WASH (4oz.)

WASH is a nourishing, cleansing wash handcrafted with raw Manuka honey, melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) and grapefruit essential oil. Since cleansers strip the skin of important oils, they wreak havoc on already blemished skin. Although gentle, WASH is a powerhouse for blasting bacteria, cleaning out pores, while hydrating the skin. Since made of honey and essential oils, WASH is thick and goes on like a soothing mask. Simply massage into wet skin, leave on while you finish showering, then rinse off. Ahhhh!
Learn more about WASH.

2. Apply SPOT treatment
 - SPOT is formulated using deep penetrating avocado oil, regenerating tamanu oil, healing frankincense oil, nutritious black cumin seed oil, soothing lavender, and potent bacteria killer oil of oregano that kills the problematic bacteria deep IN pores that cause acne, even cystic acne.
 Use SPOT as a spot treatment on irritated spots throughout the day. Conveniently packaged with a roller ball, simply roll on irritations especially in the evening to allow the deep restorative work to be done while you sleep.
We can't wait for your skin to try it!
 Learn more about SPOT here. For the amazing ingredients found in SPOT, click here.


3. Hydrate with CURE (6.7oz.)
 CURE is formulated to gently clean our pores while hydrating skin. 
Use CURE in the shower after using WASH but before toweling off. Because warming the skin opens pores, apply as you would a face wash on wet skin then massage into skin. Towel off. CURE will cleanse and hydrate all at once. Apply as needed, using only a small amount.
 Learn more about CURE here. For the amazing ingredients found in CURE, click here.

If you struggle with cystic acne, you may need start slow when detoxing your skin. Use CURE and WASH only for a week then ADD SPOT as a spot treatment on emerging pimples. Continue using CURE and WASH don't stop using them once you start using SPOT.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have younger children struggling with ACNE, we recommend trying CURE first as it should do the job. This CURE-A system is a wonderful system for adult acne, cystic acne, or those struggling with acne in the teenage years.


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