routine | little ones

This is easiest when giving them a bath and can be done once per day.

step 1 | cleanse

  • warm skin with water | This helps open pores so they can be cleaned out.
  • apply cleanbaby - Cleanbaby is for cleaning those areas where a soapy cleanser is needed, think diaper blowout.
  • apply nourishbaby - For little bodies, Nourishbaby is going to be an all-in-one hydrating cleanser. It is made with all plant oils so it will not suds up. Apply all over their body using warm water (it goes on better that way)
  • rinse

step 2 | hydrate

  • apply nourishbaby - You've already done that. Go kiss those clean cuties.
  • protect bums - Don't forget their little buns to help protect from diaper rash. Remember NB has antibacterial properties to keep that area clean, too. Throughout the day, use on bum during diaper changes to help protect from diaper rash.