daily routine | acne prone skin

  1. wet & warm skin in shower.
  2. massage Wash into skin - leave on for 2 - 3 minutes, rinse.
  3. apply Spot on problem areas - using the convenient roll-on, apply Spot as a spot treatment when you feel a break out arising and on any inflamed or irritated areas. It is not meant to be applied all over the face each time but is, in fact a spot treatment.
  4. apply Relief - when skin is still wet, gently massage Relief onto face, legs, arms and torso for amazing hydration. Use on legs as a hydrating shaving gel. As your skin gets used to this nourishing treatment, you may need more hydration. Simply apply Relief on your face after the shower.
  5. towel off.
  6. continue to app Spot - throughout the day as a Spot treatment for breakouts.
  7. repeat - at night.
  8. rest - knowing your skin is healing.