gut health for great skin

Most often, skin issues are a sign that your gut is screaming to be healthy.

Topical nourishment can only get you so far if you are struggling with irritated skin.

Getting your body hydrated is one of the easiest and most essential ways to begin to get your gut and skin healthy.

Adding lemon juice or some aluminum-free baking soda to your water helps it to be alkaline which is SUPER, SUPER, SUPER {you get the point} good for your body.

A tool for keeping hydrated

If you hold a little device in your hand, use it to set alarms for the times below so you can stay on track with hydration.

A gallon?

Below is a plan for you to consume almost a GALLON of water per day. It may seem extreme to be consuming almost a gallon of water each day but most likely your body is parched and needs it. Trust me. You won't believe the difference a hydrated body will make in so many areas of your life, including your skin.

Just put one foot in front of another.

Below I suggest a few things like adding a healthy salad to your day or having bone broth soup for a meal. These are simple ways to change your lifestyle, change your skin and change how you feel.

Baby steps. Do your best. Forget the rest. Just keep moving forward.

What a day of getting hydrated may look like

UPON WAKING (6:30am): 

Guzzle 24 oz of water with aluminum-free baking soda or 1/2 lemon (This is the only time you will be guzzling water. The other times you will be sipping.) This flushes your system.

MORNING (7am):

Enjoy some lemon tea while you get ready, study or sit quietly

BREAKFAST (8am): (read my post onsmoothies and green juice)

1. Juice some veggies

2. Drink green superfood powder

3. Make a smoothie with greens, blueberries (to make it look purple because aren’t we opposed to eating things that are green?), and other fruits and veggies.

WATER #2 (10am)

Although you should be sipping water slowly, this is when you should be done with your second 24oz. bottle of water

SNACK (10:30am)

Six walnuts (good oils) with 1/2 of grapefruit (juiced or whole) sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds and a green apple veggies with hummus raw walnuts or almonds with pink Himalayan sea salt hummus or guacamole with carrots, broccoli or bell pepper

WATER #3 (12:30pm)

Although you should be sipping water slowly, this is when you could be done with your third 24oz. bottle of water

LUNCH (1pm

Soup (with homemade stock or organic stock if necessary) Here's a great chicken soup recipe I use. salad with at least 4 colors {it will look so pretty!} Perhaps enjoy some caramelized onions on it or other sautéed veggies.

WATER #4 (3:30pm)

Although you should be sipping water slowly, this is when you could be done with your fourth 24oz. bottle of water


Green juice (powder or fresh juicing) enjoy lemon tea while you take 30 minutes to do what is restful for you. eat the other option of your morning snack. If you ate raw nuts then have some veggies with hummus or guacamole.

DINNER (6:30pm

Salad with raw or sauted veggies or potat

WATER #5 (8pm)

Although you should be sipping water slowly, this is when you should be done with your fifth and last 24oz. bottle of water today (or 2+ hours before you sleep).

Happy hydrating!

I'm a water bottle hoarder.

I love water bottles. I may be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to them. Great ones can be a useful tool in getting your body (and skin) hydrated.

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Nourish your skin with bone broth

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