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Additives, toxins, fillers, oh my!

Through years of research, I realized that the message companies were trying to convey to me was that their products were natural when their ingredient list told me another story. Adding the words “natural” or “naturally derived” meant nothing. It was simply boardroom marketing trying to pull the wool over people's eyes.

Out of sheer frustration and because I never felt like she could trust what I read on labels, I began to make my own skin care.

Bloom bloom(ed) when people started asking me for my stuff! As the requests came in I kept making more until I was making it regularly out of my home. Our mission at Bloom is to simply give people the best skin of their life, naturally, and we think we've developed products that do just that.

We work hard to make sure your experience with Bloom is delightful, both in our products and in our service to you.

Why does Bloom work?

When you remove all the fillers and other toxins (water, alcohols, preservatives, perfumes, emulsifying wax, petroleum ingredients, etc.) and replace them with healthy, active, beneficial ingredients, your skin is able to go about the work of healing itself.

Think about what happens when we remove processed food from our diet and replace it with healthy fruits, veggies, quality proteins, nuts, and seeds. We begin to feel better, sleep better, lose weight, our mood improves, etc. Without all the distractions, your body is able to begin the work of healing itself and has the tools to do that. That is what our products do. They give your skin the "tools" it needs to be clear, bright, and healthy. Different ingredients give you skin different "tools."

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