Maybe your Mother's day isn't so happy

Maybe for you, today is one of those days that hurts. Bad.

Maybe motherhood is delayed for you and you suffer mostly silent sadness because no one knows.

Maybe motherhood never arrived for you and you grieve what could have been.

Maybe you never knew your mother and today is a day of wondering and emptiness.

Maybe your mother was not what a mother should be and that has its own set of pain.

Maybe your mother was taken before you could share special parts of your life with her.

Maybe you have lost a child and today is another reminder of that loss.

Maybe your child is in rebellion and you have shed ugly tears for their return.

Yesterday a friend posted about how Mother's Day isn't a joyous day for everyone. Her mother's life was tragically taken when my friend was a young child so her mom never saw her daughter graduate, go to prom, be a beautiful bride, or bring her children into this world. She never got to hold her Grandchildren nor walk her daughter through the challenging world of boyfriends. So, for her, each Mother's Day contains a covering of loss.

And it got me thinking. I tried to put myself in other's shoes. It brought me to tears thinking of the scenarios that leave a person feeling so lonely today and all the years when no one saw the pain because they were so busy celebrating their joys. So, I'm doing this mother's day different here.

If you struggle to make today a joyous one, I'm not going to tell you that there is a silver lining around the corner, that a better one lies ahead, or anything else to help you move past the pain when maybe all you need is someone to acknowledge that this is hard. So hard.

Sometimes the best kind of friend is someone that allows you to just vent, cry, share, and get it out and they simply listen. Maybe being heard or felt or understood is just what you need. 

So, I'm sorry you suffer sadness today. Your hurt is real and painful and hard and perhaps lonely and scary and a million other things. A loss can be tragic, empty, forgotten to others, numbing, debilitating, and overwhelming.

But today I want you to know I will and have prayed for you as you navigate this day. That as the celebrations go on, my heart is aware that, for you today isn't all that's advertised.

If today isn't a day of pain for you, think about those you know who could be hurting. Reach out to them. Pray for them, maybe share this post with them. Girls, we are in this together, meant to link arms to help each other so that when one struggles the other is there to pick them up. And vice versa.

You have a friend here. If you want to share your loss, email me at or reply in the comments and I will pray you through this day and days to come. Promise.

Bless you.


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