Intro to working smarter not harder for moms

I'm starting a blog series that is full of ideas for how to work smarter not harder when raising your little army of kiddos.

Being a mother is incredibly rewarding but can also be really challenging, especially doing parenting well, engaged and intentional. I want to help you make that journey of motherhood incredibly rewarding, even fun and refreshing for you and your little ones.

I'm Molly and my husband and I raised our 5 sons over the past 2 decades. We sure have learned a ton of things over the years, things we did right and things we would do different given the chance. These are the things I want to pass along to you so you are able to look back on your years of parenting with delight, thankfulness, loaded with wonderful memories.

The more you spend time will your kids, the more you will like them. Loving them well can produce the most amazing fruit and build a legacy that can change the world. But it starts right where you are right now.

Join me as we talk about you writing your mothering success story.

I'm going to tell you things that you might not like at first. I figure you are too busy to listen or read fluff. This won't be that. I will however be your cheerleader. Because as mothers, we need one. We need someone in our corner telling us we are ok, that we are doing a good job, that we are doing the best we know how, that we have all we need to make this work amazing.

One thing I want to mention that is very important. You are welcome here as you are. These days are about being genuine. Whatever faith you are a part of, you are welcome here. If you have been deeply wounded by the church, you are welcome here. If you are a Christian, you are welcome here. If you grew up going to church on Christmas and Easter, you are welcome here. If you don't believe there is a God, you are welcome here.

You don't have to be anything, believe anything to glean beautiful lessons here.

With that said, I have to be true to my journey and what has brought me here to share with you. I love puzzles and I see life as a puzzle. While the images will vary, the colors will be different shades, and the pieces will fit together uniquely, without the backing, the card stock the puzzle is printed on, the puzzle can't come together correctly. Without the base, the pieces are flimsy and the image is blurred from being so uneven, broken corners and all.

For me, that card stock is Jesus.I've tried card stock in many forms. They only left me with a blurry image of who I really was. It didn't tell the real story of me what I was created for. That is why we are here. To reveal the real story of you.

Listen carefully. Your life is valuable. You are precious. You are beautiful. You are deeply loved. You are accepted. You are worth it.[add images for this]

I guarantee you that you will walk away from these posts changed, in big or small ways no matter where you started. So, come as you are! Let's get going.

For those of you who prefer to watch a video, here you go.

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