Do you want rescuing?

"You have kept me from being conquered by my enemy;  you broke open the way to bring me to freedom, into a beautiful, broad place." Psalm 31:8

Oh sweet one, do you know He has protected you! Can you see it?

Of all people on this earth he is gifting you with the tools to receive His love, to love your children, to have your marriage be a reflection of His love for you.

This may feel impossible right now, sister.

I remember feeling as if I couldn't put one foot in front of another. I didn't know the way out.

But God.

He picked you to rescue. He picked you to be the one to show you a better way, the way out of despair, overwhelm, anger, hurt, even being used by people.

Do you find yourself looking in all different places for belonging, grasping for some shred of happiness?

Perhaps you don't even know what you want.

Perhaps you have lost a part of yourself in the shuffle of kids and marriage.

Perhaps your needs are the last ones to be met.

Perhaps you go about your day just hoping to make it to the end.

To be real, I felt those things. All of them. I had lost who I was. I put everyone's needs ahead of mine. I didn't know how to say “No” to things even if they felt completely overwhelming.

I didn't even understand that didn’t have to be everything for everyone. Self-care felt selfish.

This is the real stuff. The stuff no one shares on social media. You won't find a post about self-loathing on Instagram but it is real. And my guess is that most women feel it at one time or another. The rest, maybe are not honest about it and divert pain when it appears.

You have a different choice. You are being offered a way of escape from the pressure of being enough.

Following Jesus and believing what he says about you is NOT a recipe for a perfect life.

It's all about perspective.

He will change your view of yourself.

He will change your view of others.

He will change your view of your marriage.

He will change your view of raising your kids.

He will change your view about the people who have hurt you.

They will no longer have the hold on you that you have allowed them to have. Yes, you and I allow people to hurt us. We allow people's reactions to affect us.

Other people's responses are NOT our responsibility.

You can be set free from trauma, rejection, loneliness, heart wounding, striving to be something the world sees as valuable. All of it.

Your life could be about joy, peace, and rest. Father will show you how ridiculously valuable you are to Him and that will set you free.

This is the journey I have been on over the years. The freedom is so fantastic you will never want to go back.

Do you want that?

Do you have a longing to live free, to live a joyful life, to say “No” to overwhelm and feeling like you are never enough?

Over the next bit of time, I plan to share some things with you that helped me get free.

But for now, start here.

  1. Ask God to show Himself to you.
  2. Read a verse or 2 or 20 in the Bible daily.
  3. Take 10 minutes at least once per day to be quiet, removing distractions and allowing space for God to tell you things. Tell him you are making yourself available to him and listen. Write down things that come to mind. Don’t worry about falling asleep, or having your mind wonder, or even hearing nothing. Relationships take time.

Do you want to know how very loved you are? Then start. Today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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