Knuckling mothers across the globe!

I recently shared an article about the truth about mothers raising LOTS of kids then asked the question about whether you respected these moms or threw them under the bus. I think this is a passionate topic that hits home to many.

My thoughts as I was reading this was one of relief that other moms struggle, even moms that LOVE their kids and want lots of them. Let's face it, mothering is tough work whether you have 1 or 10. The days are long but the years go by fast and I am far from perfect with my own 5 sons.

The other day a friend I hadn't seen in years came over to my house just after I had come down from an afternoon nap (yes, I do nap...sometimes). I had been recovering from the flu and my boys had made their own "lunch" (perhaps involving marshmallows) and the kitchen looked like we had been robbed.

As she came in, I felt ashamed that my house was in such disarray. After she left, I told them how irresponsible it was to leave the kitchen like that, that I was embarrassed. They respectfully questioned my embarrassment. I too was embarrassed that I was embarrassed.

Who says I need to have it all together?

Doesn't that kind of attitude leave others feeling lonely for someone real, for someone to share in the same struggles as they do?

With homeschooling, I often felt that I couldn't share with my family my feelings of being overwhelmed by these responsibilities. Their response was often focused on how I can lighten my load and how perhaps I should think about putting the boys in school. My solution wasn't to put them in school, I just needed some me time and a warm mug of perspective.

When your job gets tough you don't quit or you would be looking for a new job every week. When mothering gets tough the solution isn't to get new kids.

All this to say, this world could use more mom's linking arms with each other, encouraging each other on in the AMAZING most precious work of mothering, realizing that none of us are perfect anyway so who are we kidding.

Let's face it, we are one of the most influential people groups on this planet with the ability to perhaps change cultures through these precious people we are raising. That is a huge job, one that effects generations.

That deserves a knuckle to mothers across the globe.

I’m challenging each of us to look at other moms as OUR people. That we are all in different stages of the same journey. Some journeys challenge us in different ways in different stages but the struggles are real none the less. Let's protect our people, provide safe places for them to struggle, knowing someone has walked in their shoes and maybe they will encourage us in our struggles and joys (there are lots of those, too).

To all you mothers out there, I’m knuckling you all in my heart!

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such a refreshing read!! wish more moms felt this way and showed support to other moms!

yvonnes December 28, 2015

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