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Is homemade laundry soap actually healthier?

by molly rottschafer September 23, 2016

Is homemade laundry soap actually healthier?

Is homemade laundry soap even safe?

It amazes me the work people put into making their own laundry soap, mostly for health reasons but perhaps for saving money. Many of the recipes call for soaps that contain toxic ingredients. 

FELS NAPTHA soap is one of those toxic soaps used in a great deal of the recipes online. There are so many harmful toxic ingredients in it like PEG and strong perfumes. PEG is one of the top 10 (although the list is growing) most toxic ingredients in personal care products and cleaning products. Plus, perfumes can affect the respiratory system and contain hormone disruptors. All the synthetic ingredients are meant to coat the fibers of your fabric which give you a false sense of cleanliness because they smell eternally "clean" and they can ruin the effectiveness of cloth diapers

Here are the ingredients of FELS NAPTHA: Soap (sodium tallowate*, sodium cocoate* (or) sodium palmate kernelate*, and sodium palmate*), water, talc, coconut acid*, palm acid*, tallow acid*, PEG-6 methyl ether, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium chloride, pentasodium pentetate and/or tetrasodium etidronate, titanium dioxide, fragrance, Acid Orange (CI 20170), Acid yellow 73 (ci43350).

(Remember to stay clear of ingredients that use CAPITAL LETTERS and ones with numbers after them. You never go picking for apples #5.)

What about Ivory or Dove?

If you are a "purist" and IVORY or DOVE Soap is your thing, you may want to reconsider as the ingredients aren't that safe either. Honestly, we are a product of marketing ploys that have lulled us into believing the commercials of pure white cream being poured into luxurious bars of nourishing soap. CRUNCHY BETTY blogger posts about ingredients of soaps. You should check it out here

Cost vs. Value

When considering the price of Laundry soap you will need to calculate the cost per load. If you just look at the cost of the product you can be swayed to buy the cheap toxic stuff even when it isn't a better value. Many require you to use 1/4 cup (2 oz.) or more of detergent per load. It might seem like the container is cheap but if you calculate how much you need to use per load it can be expensive. Making your own healthy laundry soap is a great way to keep your family healthy and save some dollars.

How does laundry soap affect the skin?

Most laundry soaps are meant to coat the fibers of your fabric. Since these products contain toxic ingredients, the toxins are also coating your fabric, constantly coming in contact with your skin. Think about how many hours (or minutes) your skin is NOT in contact with clothing or bed sheets.

If you suffer from irritated skin, take a look at your laundry soap to see what is in it. You may have to call the company and see what their soap contains. Many I have called on will not even tell me what their ingredients are since they are not legally forced to. Honest. If they won't tell me what is in it then I would steer clear of it. In this day and age, if you have truly healthy products, you are going to shout it loud and proud. If you are hiding something, you are hiding something.

The best homemade laundry recipe.

So if you want to start making healthy decisions about laundry soap, save yourself the trouble of finding a great recipe and buy the ULTIMATE HEALTHY LIVING BUNDLE which has a great laundry soap recipe in an E-BOOK called DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipies from Heather Dessinger of Mommypotamus. There are lots of great recipes for cleaning your home naturally.

If you use Heather's laundry recipe, here are some ingredients to purchase in bulk to save more.

Washing Soda (find it as a pool pH increaser called sodium carbonate)

Castile soap made with coconut oil for extra cleansing

Then find a good essential oil to make it smell yummy. I love grapefruit essential oil.

Don't want to make your own?

I used to make my own (I even sold it) but in an effort to simplify my life, I like the philosophy of doing your best and forgetting the rest. You can't do it all. Making homemade laundry soap was one thing I decided to set aside for a season.

My trouble was finding a new laundry soap that was healthy and worked well. This is my favorite so far and super reasonable when you consider it contains 100 loads full. Find it here.

Get your Bundle here.

Happy Cleaning!

Do you make laundry soap or buy a healthy brand that works?

If you make your own, what are some tips you can share with us?

molly rottschafer
molly rottschafer


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