I CANNOT buy toothpaste! Is there something wrong with me?

My poor family.

They are my guinea pigs for new recipes.
Even the "natural" toothpastes are filled with junk that can be highly toxic.

Who scratches their head when they read the warning label of toothpaste {which goes in the mouth} "CALL POISON CONTROL IMMEDIATELY IF SWALLOWED?' Hmmmmmm...

That has bothered me for years. I don't get it.

When our first born was little and we were on well water, I was told to give him Fluoride drops for his tooth health. So I did. But, thankfully, I was horrible at remembering and one day did research on it. Those drops were tossed.

In full disclosure, while I may (happily) take my children to the local fast food joint on occasion, I cannot bring myself to purchase traditional toxic toothpaste. Strange, I know.

My poolside reading

Years ago, after spending $400 in fillings for one of our sons and discovering all the toxins in toothpaste, I began to explore the idea of remineralizing. I even bought a book entitled, "Cure Tooth Decay," which I took along on a sister/mom trip to Florida last year.

Yes, for fun I read that kind of literature. With their New York Bestsellers in hand, they sure laughed at my quirky choice for poolside reading.

I have made a TON of batches of toothpaste in the past few years. Some (much) better than others.

I had them all try "oil pulling." Some gagged (I almost did) while others refused after watching others gag. After experiencing the benefits of oil pulling for a while, I have to say it has a lot of merit. It is a great habit to get into. That change alone could alter (for the better) the health of your teeth.

There are a few articles that have inspired me to begin caring for my teeth in healthy ways. Rather than restate all the good information they wrote I will simply link to them. {Why reinvent the wheel?}

Where to find more information...

1. Google search the following:
  • oil pulling
  • remineralizing teeth
  • natural tooth care
  • reduce tooth decay
2. You may find this blog post a bit radical but only because we cling to what we know, but see what you think.
3. Here you will find information about the Toxins in toothpaste and other helpful things.
4. More information from a wonderful blog, KEEPER OF THE HOME...
5. And lastly, a link to the website of the FUN book I read on vacation, "Cure Tooth Decay.

One thing I will say about this book is that there are so many things I simply cannot do because of time or the yuck factor in consuming raw meats/fish. But I did glean some helpful takeaways.

If you are a give-me-a-list-and-I-will-do-it person, then this book may be overwhelming. The blogs have much more practical advice. I just love learning about how stuff works so the book was intriguing for me.

Enjoy the reads and always remember: do your best, forget the rest.

We can't always do everything perfectly healthy. Just begin with something.


Click here to find our family toothpaste recipe. Feel free to have fun with it, tweak it to what your family likes and share it with others.

Happy healthy teeth!

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