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SCRUB {luxurious hand & body scrub}

  • Scrub away dead and dry skin, hydrate, soothe and restore the glow to your skin. No matter what time of year, everyone wants skin that glows, right?
    • sea salt + sweet almond oil + org coconut oil + avocado oil + org raw shea butter + lavender oil + grapefruit oil + neroli oil.

Pamper yourself with this luxurious spa-in-a-jar treatment

Since we don't do ordinary things at Bloom, we couldn't have SCRUB be just an ordinary scrub. 

So, we added salt from the Dead Sea in Israel. Now, this isn't like buying a piece from Noah's Ark. It is actually from the Dead Sea and full of magnesium (naturally occuring), wonderfully soothing for irritated skin (unless you have a cut :0), helps reduce inflammation and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Plus, there are no fillers or anti-caking ingredients in our Dead Sea Salt. Did you know most sea salt contains fillers?

As a bonus, it's in a reusable glass jar!!! You don't even need to recycle it. Yup, we are excited, too.

Here's the story about SCRUB

In college, I {Molly} had a friend who sold a certain skin care line. Now, I was never one for purchasing expensive items (I was a saver), but when we were able to try this Satin Hands set for ourselves, I was hooked. Consisting of 3 products, it involved cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating using some vaseline-type product which left hands luxuriously hydrated. Do you remember this? 

Even back then, the ingredients {and a college budget} prevented me from reordering.

Fast forward a decade, I'm in Florida with my Mom and sisters. Our sun-soaked selves ventured to a sweet local restaurant. In the bathroom was a jar of a hand scrub in place of the usual soapy cleanser. Oh, my! I read the ingredients to see what could make such yumminess for hands. Sigh. Another jar filled with yuck ingredients.

Being the scientist {only the natural sort}, I had already come up with a safe and healthy recipe by the time dinner was done. It took a bit of tweaking but Scrub is luxury in a jar. Plus, I've added my very favorite essential oil, Neroli to make it extra lovely.

To use on hands

Although you can use it all over your body, my favorite way to apply it is on the hands but in one simple product with ingredients good enough to eat {but I wouldn't}.

Scoop a small amount in your hands, massage over a sink for a minute or so (don't forget around cuticles and wrists), then rinse off the salt with warm water. Gently rub hands together as you would when applying lotion and allow a few minutes for it to soak in. AHHH! What's left is wonderfully soft hydrated hands! Relief.

Below, is a video showing you how to get super soft hands using SCRUB. It as some luxury to a party with friends or give as a gift to that special person that could use a little pampering.

Perhaps, that person in need of pampering is you.



To use all over

To refresh your skin, simply apply SCRUB to your body, massage and rinse the sea salt off. Allow a few minutes for the rest to soak in.

While the sea salt in SCRUB is perfect for hands & body, it is too abrasive for the delicate skin on your face.

Try our Manuka honey WASH for a non-abrasive way to exfoliate and refresh your skin.