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I'm not a very good 'routine' person unless we're talking chewable yummy gummy vitamins or products like ReNew. Holy Cow. I will actually wash my face everyday if I have something as wonderful as this product to treat my skin with afterwards. I love that you only need a little, it doesn't feel 'oily' and within the first two or three days of using it I noticed a significant difference in the complexion of my skin (usually dry and rough during the winter months transformed into soft and moisturized). I will never use another product for my face again!

Emily D.

My older kids steal this.

My latest order found its way to my teenagers' bathroom where I have let it stay; if this will keep them away from the aisle of terrifying skin care products at the grocery, they can keep it. All these products are worth every penny spent on them.

Jennifer T.

my favorite.

This is my favorite bloom product. I put it on every morning. I think I use a tad too much, so my skin is a little shiny, but I like it that way, especially when I'm heading out into the cold. It never makes me break out (which all other moisturizers do!). I love that it contains argan oil, which is in only the best products, but usually in tiny amounts.

Rachel R.

Love it.

I've used Bloom's entire face care line for over a year, and I love that it keeps my skin feeling hydrated—never dry and tight, no matter where I am. It also seems to keep me from having blemishes—I very rarely have one, and then only if I've been traveling or run out of my Bloom. Love the stuff!


Light but effective.

I've used Bloom's entire face care line for over a year, and I love that it keeps my skin feeling hydrated—never dry and tight, no matter where I am. It also seems to keep me from having blemishes—I very rarely have one, and then only if I've been traveling or run out of my Bloom. Love the stuff!


Best moisturizer ever!

I have had this for about a month and love it. It is easy to put on and offer the right amount of moisturize for my face. I have been looking for something that is a "0" on EWG's Skin Deep website, after not finding anything with enough moisture or natural ingredients locally. I highly recommended this for daily use. It feels luxurious! **Tip: If you have bangs, pull them back while applying this and wait a few mins for Revive to dry before putting bangs down to avoid oily bangs. :)



What can I say...

What can I say, this stuff is amazing!! love, love, love, have been using it for at least 1 year, my skin is soft, and radiant, the smell is so refreshing. I have been told I do not look like a gr-ma of 5 :) have used many other expensive creams, this one tops them all!! with the added bonus of no chemicals soaking into my skin.


Best cream on the market!

I was lucky enough to receive Restore as a gift a year ago. I am completely hooked on Bloom products! There is not a product on the market right now that compares to this cream!! You will not be disappointed when your purchase this cream. The smell is amazing, the cream goes on smoothly and leaves you with a lovely glow. Treat yourself to the benefits of this cream!!! You will love it!

Caitlin P.

Best night cream ever.

I have found my favorite night cream! After trying many different kinds - this is my absolute favorite. I love the smell and how it goes on so smoothly. I am so thankful for this product!


Restore brings relief

I'm so happy to have been introduced to your products at the INCH convention! Thank you for creating a wonderful, dry skin/face solution! I use it faithfully every night at bedtime, it absorbs very well, with no greasy residue. My skin needs lots of extra help with moisture retention and this works well! The big PLUS is that it is free of all the 10 syllable words, that are not natural! :)

Betty Jo

No more dry skin.

I am 47, my skin has been abused, this cream breaths new life into my complexion, would never use another cream, a little goes a long way, so much better then anything I have ever tried.


Happy Skin

I came across Bloom products over a year ago, and purchased all the face care items. I've used them ever since and my skin is very happy. I especially the love the healthy scent and the fact that I can recognize every ingredient on the label. I put it on at night, and my skin never feels dried out in the morning, which it often used to.



A drink for the skin

I love Nourish! I have skin that is dry and aging and Nourish does miracles for it! Moisturizes, firms and conditions! I use it on the whole family and it's only a few! We are believers!


Saved us

My husband has chronic skin irritation that causes incredible itching. We use Nourish every evening to sooth his back. It alleviates the itching and allows him to sleep. We buy the large size because we use so much! Thank you Bloom! We can't live without Nourish!


Very versatile and consistently fantastic.

I have been using Nourish for 1.5 years now and I use it daily for removing makeup, for moisturizing my skin after showering and even on my face (without any breakouts or irritation). I love this product.


Great for dry winter skin.

I use right out of the shower as suggested and LOVE this product! It's helped to heal my dry skin and great for shaved legs!



Nourish has my normally dry hands feeling so much better. I even had a typical crack by my nail and usually I use liquid bandage to help them heal over 2-3 days. I rubbed Nourish on the spot, and it was better by the next day. Winter will be so much better this year! Completely sold


Goodbye lotions

Nourish helps my skin stay hydrated much longer than other body lotions I have tried. I won't go back to using lotions. My skin feels great and I don't have to worry about putting chemicals on my skin!


Whole family loves this stuff

We use this on our hair as a detangler and moisturizer. Just be sure to wash out or you will have the greasy hair look. Adds great curls to already curly hair. Also use as a skin moisturizer. Great mild smell for either male or female. Like the new pump bottle with lid, easier for travel. Don't think the new bottle is re-usable however :(
Overall happy and keep purchasing this product.


EWG Zero rating!

I am pleased with this product. It works wonderful in my daughter's hair. Great for taking out tangles and pumping up the curls. Smells wonderful. Feels good on skin as a moisturizer following shower/bath. I rate it 4 stars and not 5 because I would be happier if offered in a glass bottle. Lets try and cut the use of plastics as they are destroying our health and planet.


Your old products will be jealous

Nourish is actually making my life ...simpler. It has taken the place of my body wash and my lotion. Smells amazing and my skin looks great. It takes a little getting used to not having suds if you are used to that, but I am sold now. My skin is clean, purified and moisturized all from one product.

Kitten T.

Great product

My legs are never dry and scaly anymore since I've been using Nourish. It's great for after sun use in addition to use after my showers. I recommended to my father in law who has dry itchy thin skin and it helps to relieve his symptoms. A must have item for my skin care


Only moisturizer I use.

I have used nourish for a few years and use it exclusively. It is the only product I have found to keep my skin moisturized all day. I apply it liberally immediately after my shower and feel like its a drink of water for my skin. I even use it all over my face and haven't had problems with breakouts. My husband uses nourish on his hands and I slather our newborn in it. I also had corns on the bottom of my foot that disappeared after using nourish! I would highly recommend giving nourish a try!


My absolute favorite

I was introduced to this product by my daughters. One uses it because she's concerned about using natural products on her skin and the other uses it because it's the only product that doesn't irritate a patch of very sensitive skin on her body. I can't say enough good about this product. I use it on my legs, arms and neck every time I get out of the shower. I always have very dry skin and this product feels like a therapeutic moisturizer that makes my skin happy.


Smells clean and really works

This product was recommended to me from my doctor and I absolutely Love it! It smells great and really moisturizes my skin. The ingredients are very exciting by their simplicity. You won't regret this one!


So glad to have found this product

I began using Nourish in November and has just been an amazing experience. I have very sensitive skin along with allergies to many products as well as a lot of sensitivities so was so glad to be able to find something so gentle and effective! My skin feels better than ever. I also enjoy the light and pleasant is so relaxing! I feel like I am treating myself whenever I use products from Bloom Naturals.



My husband noticed

After using Relief for a week, I thought my skin was looking healthier and more and more even. My pores looked smaller and I'm not suing lotion on my face now. The most impressive was that my husband and son noticed. My son told me my skin has a glow to it. That clinches it. Best product ever!!!


Michele G

Wow! I have my face back!

I've only been using Relief for about 4 days as a facial cleanser 2x a day, and i've seen a big improvement in my cystic acne that's been plaguing me since my hormones are going crazy after having my baby. i'm in my mid-thirties and was not ready to revisit teen acne, and this seems to have gotten my skin back on track after no luck with a zillion other high-end products. after washing with it, i've been patting my face dry and using a witch hazel astringent to wipe off the excess... not sure that this is the "right" way to use it, but it's totally working for me. i no longer have huge throbbing cysts and my skin is starting to look normal (and pretty great) again. hallelujah!

Lauren H

Good product

I have very sensitive skin and I tried this product with some trepidation. However, I now love it! I use it to remove makeup when I get home from work. It leaves my skin soft and smooth, with no dryness - and no excess oily feeling, either. It has a fresh, natural scent, which I was concerned about at first since I normally can't use anything with fragrance. I have not had a single bad skin reaction to this product and would recommend that even those with touchy skin give it a try.



Best for eczema

My teenage son puts this on his arms daily; it is the only topical thing that relieves his exema. When he's happy, so am I.

Jenn T.

Irritated skin savor

I am dealing with a chronic allergic face rash and CURE has been a real blessing. I am using it to clean and treat my face and it immediately calms down skin. A little goes a long way. Plus it smells great!



Gotta try it!

This is a WONDERFUL product! My 16 yr old son uses Relief as well. He told me the other day that he prefers using Relief to Noxzema (what we were using for years before trying Relief). It's helped with his acne flare ups.I'm 40 and tend to have dry skin, especially in winter. I haven't had to use lotion on my face since I began using Relief! Gotta try it!


Acne cure!

I have only used this once on my son's eczema and then on some acne that has been troubling me over the past few weeks. I tried every natural remedy I could find and nothing made a dent-but this did. Very happy. Looking forward to trying it more and more.



Great product!!

I have mild adult acne and sensitive skin. I've used all kinds of expensive products, but nothing really gave me any great results. I'm on my second bottle of CURE now and my skin is clear and hydrated! I No more harsh products full of chemicals for me! I will continue to buy all of my skincare from Bloom Naturals! I LOVE that their products are all natural.

Sara G.

Love this!

I use this immediately after the shower, and I've noticed by skin is incredibly smooth after and hydrated- i hardly have to use any body lotion.Like Clean, this took about a week before I could really see results (due to my breaking out) and I'm very pleased with using this on my face. I also use this on my chest because I'm prone to break out there, and I have seen some results, but not to the extent of my face. Overall great product!




I have been using Cure for approximately 3 months. It has made an incredible difference in my skin. My pores are noticeably smaller. The dry patches are gone, and my overall skin tone is just so much better! I was a bit skeptical to try yet another product, but I'm so glad I made the leap to give it a try. I hope you never stop making it!

Lynda P.

So effective we bought the biggest bottle

We have loved the cure! It completely cleared my daughter's acne. She doesn't go anywhere without it! Thanks Bloom



Love this product

I have had some type of acne throughout most of my adult life. In that time, I have tried many medications, washes, scrubs, topicals. I have only been using CURE for about 2 weeks and haven't had ANY breakouts! I was unsure of the product at first since its oil and there is no need to wash after applying it. Since using it my skin is soft and healthy!!!




Happy hand

This is the most recent Bloom product that I have tried and I love it! I keep one on my laundry room counter because it's the last room I pass through before I leave the house and head to the car. A quick stop before leaving the house provides happiness for these dry hands until the next warm, soapy hand washing when I am out and about. The second container stays at work so I can reapply during the day. The winter is so hard on my skin but Bloom's Hands helps these aging hands feel soft and moisturized. This product is appropriately labelled as hand relief!



Best yet!!!

I've been using a pretty pricey hand cream and I really liked it. I honestly think this is better, however. I love how little I have to use and the scent is wonderful. I think it's less money as well. The other one had a farther out "use by" date but 5 months is sufficient.

Adrienne @ whole new mom


I just started using this, I clean for a living, and my hands are so abused, this stuff, where has it been all my life!!! no words, simply the best, hooked for life, plus with no added chemicals?! make up for all the bad stuff my poor hand have to endure



Michigan winters need Hand Relief

Thanks for another so very helpful product. It is free of all the chemical factory ingredients and actually brings relief to my hands, which tend to get so dry & cracked in our winter climate.


Just what I was looking for.

I live in a climate with terrible winters which end up leaving my entire family with cracked knuckles. I love this product so much. It is the last thing I put on before going to bed. Believe it or not, when I check on my kids while they sleep, I rub this on their hands liberally to allow their hands to heal and rehydrate during the night



Relief for my hands indeed.

I just received your Hand Relief for Christmas. I put it on before bed and when I woke up my hands were still saying, "Thank you!" Love the smell, the feel and the great natural ingredients - thanks Bloom Naturals!


Effective and lightweight

This product is a favorite. I typically will use it after a warm bath or shower on both my hands and feet. It's lightweight and a little goes a long way! I've gifted this product to several girlfreinds and family members, it's an instant hit! I also love the lovely lavender scent


Emily D.

Love in a bottle.

I clean houses for my bread & butter, my hands take the brunt of the abuse, I put this on when I go to bed, my hands do not look like I abuse them. Soo happy with this product!!



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