to be or not to be organic

"Organic" and "Natural" is the new trend. It's everywhere.

A little housekeeping note:

It has been in the news recently that several companies have learned of surprises in their formulations involving toxic ingredients.

In light of that news, I want to assure you that we are still providing the healthiest, freshest and most effective skin care on the market.

Please know that each product we sell to you is handcrafted by us.

{The one exception is CLEAN and CLEANbaby. We do rebottle the gentle and safe castile soap purchased from a trusted manufacturer in the US and add therapeutic grade essential oils to it.

All our formulating and manufacturing are done in-house in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Therefore, we are able to hand pick exactly what ingredients go into each of these products so there aren't any surprises.

We are so grateful we get to provide these quality products for you and do not take it lightly that you trust Bloom for your skin care needs.

On to the point...

As we learn more about food and how it is processed, organic certification provides protection against GMO's and other toxins plus it can ensure safe and healthy harvesting, growing environments. But relying on a product to be organic doesn't guarantee it is 100% safe, effective or healthy.

In my research, I have discovered that, while a product may be organic, it is almost always filled with organic alcohol, preservatives, and fillers that are useless, toxic and/or irritating to the skin. Just because a product claims to have an ingredient like cucumber seed extract, for example, doesn’t mean there aren’t junk ingredients in it, also.

It is exactly these extra ingredients that have kept people in dull, aging, and irritated skin for too long!

Back to the idea of organic. While many ingredients are "derived" from some plant, most have been processed to extract and isolate a particular compound of that plant. At Bloom, we choose to use plant oils that naturally contain Vitamin E rather than buying Vitamin E isolated in a laboratory. These processes are less than natural and void of many important nutrients naturally occurring in these plants.

This is found everywhere in the skin care industry. So, our passion is to be a company you can trust to take the guess work out of ingredients by using ONLY plant oils, butters, extracts and honey in their most natural state dense with active nutrients to soothe, restore and revive dull, aging and irritated skin.

Our view of things.

We use the freshest plant oils, butter, and honey. That's it! You will never find water or other fillers in our products. Learn why we NEVER add waterHERE.

Our ingredients are raw, expeller pressed, virgin or filter refined (never solvent refined - think ingredients that dissolve), grown using organic practices when possible (ie. most of the time).

While the term "fair trade" has lots of political angles and at high market prices, we make sure that the ingredients we use come from farmers being paid a fair wage.

Our ingredients make us proud to be in this business. It's what sets us apart (far apart) from others. Our message of safe and healthy ingredients will ALWAYS align with our ingredient lists.


While many of our ingredients are certified organic, in order for us to label our products as certified organic, all manufacturing needs to be in a certified organic facility. We are mindful about knowing what EXACTLY goes into each and every bottle or jar we sell. Trusting a third party manufacturer to share the same passion for the purity of a product as we do, isn't something we want to chance. So, using the freshest, most pure ingredients without organic certification, allows us to provide you with the best skin care at an amazing value while keeping our hands and eyes on what exact ingredients are contained in each batch of our healthy products.

Isn't that refreshing? We think so.

With our 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but dull, aging, & irritated skin (& toxic ingredients)

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