the CURE-A system for acne

for acne.

safe. gentle. effective. rejoice.

So many people are experiencing acne-free skin by using this SIMPLE system!

In order to relieve irritation, a product needs to accomplish the following:

1.) kill bacteria causing inflammation on the skin
2.) clean out pores so skin can breathe and start to heal
3.) balance the oil levels on the skin to prevent an overproduction of oil which can clog pores, creating more irritation
4.) detox the skin so the skin can heal itself. Read below for more on this.

The CURE-A system does all that! It's so simple!

When you remove all the fillers and other toxins (water, alcohols, preservatives, perfumes, emulsifying wax, petroleum ingredients, etc.) and replace them with healthy, active, beneficial ingredients your skin is able to go about the work of healing itself.

Think about what happens when we remove processed food from our diet and replace it with healthy fruits, veggies, quality proteins, healthy fats, nuts, and seeds. We begin to feel better, sleep better, lose weight, our mood improves, etc. Thus, our body doesn't have to work as hard to clean out the yuck. Without all the distractions, your body is able to begin the work of healing itself of all the 'crap'.

The same is true for skin. When more than 2/3 of a product contains these "junk foods" for skin, your skin needs to take much of it's energy cleaning that junk out that there is little left for healing or repairing skin.

The CURE-A system for acne

1. Wash with WASH {obviously}
2. Apply SPOT treatment
3. Hydrate with CURE


1. Wash with WASH

WASH is a nourishing and cleansing wash handcrafted with raw honey, melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) and lavender. Since cleansers strip the skin of important oils, they wreak havoc on already blemished skin. Although gentle, WASH is a powerhouse for blasting bacteria, cleaning out pores, while hydrating the skin. Since it's made of honey and essential oils, WASH is thick and goes on like a soothing mask. Simply massage into wet skin, leave on while you finish showering, then rinse off. Ahhhh!

Learn more about WASH

2. Apply SPOT treatment

SPOT is formulated using deep penetrating avocado oil, regenerating tamanu oil, healing frankincense oil, nutritious black cumin seed oil, soothing lavender, and potent bacteria killer, oil of oregano to kill the problematic bacteria deep IN pores that cause acne, even cystic acne. Use SPOT as a spot treatment when you feel a breakout coming. Conveniently packaged with a roller ball, simply roll on breakouts as they are emerging and all over the skin in the evening to allow the deep restorative work to be done while you sleep.

We can't wait for your skin to try it!

Learn more about SPOT here. For the amazing ingredients found in SPOT, click here.
3. Hydrate with CURE

CURE is formulated to gently clean out pores while hydrating skin.

Use CURE in the shower to effectively hydrate your body, too.

Learn more about CURE here. For the amazing ingredients found in CURE, click here.

Get your skin the CURE-A system and the best skin of your life.