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I was given the Body and Face Nourishment Deal for Christmas. I have mature skin (I am 57) that was dry in many spots, fine lines, and overall dull appearance. I had given up wearing makeup as it didn't enhance my appearance. It made it worse. Since using these products, my skin is clear and I don't need makeup. The fine lines are fading away. When I choose to wear makeup, it looks fantastic. I like the results and I love the lack of nasty chemicals. Highly recommend! Thank you for a wonderful product."




My clogged pores are becoming a thing of the past, finally! I have tried EVERYTHING and now I have discovered WASH. I am finding that consistency is key for my best skin. I am even noticing that my pores look a bit smaller! I am so happy I discovered WASH and Bloom Naturals!

Lauren A

I tried so many home remedies, over the counter, ANYTHING to cure my facial skin. This is the ONLY thing that has worked long term. I’ve been using it for over a year now with consistent results. Around my nose & eyebrows & hairline I developed such terrible dry skin after having my firstborn. It burned, itched, get the picture. This went on every day for 4 years until I tried this product. After using it the first time, I had immediate relief. After 2 months of using it, all of those large dry patches were gone! Now, I don’t use anything else! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!

Megan H.

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