Mother's day

Motherhood, in whatever form it looks like in your life is the finest investment of your time. 

It's the kind of investment that always proves great returns even if those aren't fully realized for years. The days go by SSSLLLLOOOWWWW {especially with little ones} but the years go so fast. 

We have the ability to change the world through the pouring in and emptying out in both significant and mundane ways. That is powerful. And TIRING.

You deserve some pampering. Don't say NO. You do.

We want to help you with that. Below are some lovely ways to pamper yourself this mother's day. After giving so much, give a little for yourself.

After many requests, we are bringing this back for a limited time. Just for you! 

SCRUB {for hand & body} is a luxurious spa-in-a-jar experience. Trust us. You will feel pampered and for ONLY $24!

In college, I {Molly} had a friend who sold a certain skin care line. Now, I was never one for purchasing expensive items (I was a saver), but when we were able to try this Satin Hands set for ourselves, I was hooked. Consisting of 3 products, it involved cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating which left hands luxuriously hydrated. Do you remember this? Even back then, the ingredients prevented me from reordering.

Even back then, the ingredients {and a college budget} prevented me from reordering.

Fast forward a decade, I'm in Florida with my Mom and sisters. Our sun-soaked selves ventured to a sweet local restaurant. In the bathroom was a jar of hand scrub in place of the usual soapy cleanser. Oh, my! I read the ingredients to see what could make such yumminess for hands. Sigh. Another jar filled with harmful ingredients.

Being the scientist {only the natural sort}, I had already come up with a safe and healthy {but just as luxurious} recipe by the time dinner was done. It took a bit of tweaking but Scrub is a bit of luxury in a jar. 


Although you can use it all over your body, my favorite way to apply it is on the hands but in one simple product with ingredients good enough to eat {but I wouldn't}.

Scoop a small amount in your hands, massage over a sink for a minute or so (don't forget around cuticles and wrists), then rinse off the salt with warm water. Gently rub hands together as you would when applying lotion. AHHH! What's left is wonderfully soft hydrated hands! Relief.


To refresh your skin, simply apply SCRUB to your body, massage and rinse off. 

While the sea salt in SCRUB is perfect for hands & body, it is too abrasive for the delicate skin on your face.Try our Manuka honey WASHfor a non-abrasive way to exfoliate and refresh your skin.

Learn more about SCRUB.


Have you dreamed of soft, sexy, sandal-ready feet?

This may look unconventional {putting a lip and eye cream on your feet} but this is the real deal. Transform your dry cracked feet. After pampering yourself with SCRUB, apply a good amount of RENEW on your feet, put socks on for about 15 minutes allowing RENEW to soak your feet in hydration. Ahhhh! 

Learn more about SCRUB and RENEW.

Give, get or text

1. Say thank you to the Mother in your life by pampering her.
2. Text this link to the person you know wants to thank you for all you do {Trust me, they'll be wracking their brain trying to come up with something you would like. Help them}. 
3. Simply gift yourself this refreshment.

Please note: Given the special offering of SCRUB, orders including SCRUB will be shipped out by May 3 to ensure delivery on Mother's Day.

Good job, Moms. Keep going. May you know how fully blessed you are this Mother's Day.