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handpicking ingredients

We handpick ONLY the freshest most nourishing plant oils, butters & extracts for helping you get the best skin of your life.

Our ingredients are raw, virgin or filter refined (never solvent refined), grown using organic practices when possible.

While the term "fair trade" has lots of political angles, we make sure that the ingredients we use are from farmers being paid a fair wage. When we visit the farmer's market, we aren't as concerned about organic certification as we are about their farming methods and whether they are organically minded. Our preference would be to support organically minded smaller farms doing honest work than pay a premium for boardroom execs. We don't get caught up in the bureaucracy of labels.

We have spent years searching/asking/learning about essential oil purity and are so excited to partner with a company diligent in attaining the highest quality essential oils {EO} on the market. For instance, essential oils are most pure when grown in indigenous areas because the soil, topography & climate produce the highest quality oil; grown where it was intended to be grown.