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Peace of mind for you.


We use ONLY non-GMO plant oils, butter, and honey.

Yup. That's it.

It's so healthy you could eat it. But don't ;)


We NEVER add H2O to our recipes (and that is a great thing).

Learn why you don't want water in skin care products, here.


NOURISHbaby protects little bums from diaper rash while helping to kill bacteria and keeping the skin of your little one hydrated!

We call that a WIN-WIN-WIN.

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Diaper rash treatment + baby wash + moisturizer = NOURISHbaby


Use NOURISHbaby to safely hydrate the skin of your little one, but it does so much more.

NOURISHbaby has been tested in a laboratory. It consumed all the yeast and bacteria that was introduced to it which means it has anti-bacterial properties. Because of it's bacteria-fighting properties, it can help heal and protect little bums from diaper rash while the plant oils create a barrier to protect from moisture.

NOURISHbaby works perfect on all skin types even super sensitive skin. It can be used alone or after CLEANbaby.

Use on scalp to relieve cradle cap by massaging in to scalp and gently combing the scalp using a baby comb.


We used to offer Bum Butter but NOURISHbaby worked so well on little biscuits that we stopped selling it. Why have 2 products when one does it all?


NOURISHbaby's complete ingredient list:

coconut oil* {cocos nucifera} + sunflower oil {helianthus annuus} + avocado oil {persea americana} + grapefruit seed oil* + meadowfoam oil {limnanthes alba} + lavender oil {lavandula angustifolia} + moringa seed oil {moringa oleifera}

NOURISHbaby vs Nourish

They are actually the same formula.

Years ago, I had several people ask that I create baby products in cute packaging that can be given as baby gifts. Since the ingredients in NOURISH are healthy enough for any age, why reinvent the wheel, so to say? I simply designed a new label, called it NOURISHbaby and away we went.

If you are using NOURISH (or NOURISHbaby) for the whole family, we have 32 oz. refill to fill up everyone's bottles. Spread the love in each bathroom (and save some green).

Using oils to cleanse?

Using soapy cleansers

Most soaps on the market contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). You don't want that stuff touching your little one (or yourself).

Most soapy cleansers strip the skin of important oils which help protect the skin plus skin is left feeling parched.

Instead, we use the perfect combination of plant oils to fully hydrate and help kill problematic bacteria.

Click to learn more about the OIL CLEANSING METHOD.

Read about our amazing ingredients above or HERE

Consistency of NOURISHbaby

Because we use the freshest, most pure ingredients found in nature, our products are best if used within 6 months of purchase.


Just like fresh organic fruit and veggies, our products are not laced with preservatives or laboratory created ingredients that make it last for years (like the old Twinkie experiment). The internet is filled with products like that. We aren’t that kind of company.

Part of what makes our products so great is that we add only ingredients that soothe, nourish, & protect your skin; no fillers of any kind. You see, most products have water as the primary ingredient (meaning: has the largest quantity). Companies dilute, I mean mix water and emulsifying WAXES to suspend the oil molecules in the water for a creamy consistency.

Why pay for water (which is virtually free) in skin care? Drink it up instead. Learn morehere.


Because of the nature of the ingredients we use, the consistency of it will change based on the temperature in which it is stored. This is a way of proving we don’t use fancy tactics of suspension.

We recommend storing between 65 -80 degrees. If stored below 70 degrees some products will be creamier, if it is stored above 70 degrees, some will be in a liquid state based on the ingredients. Raw shea butter (found in RENEW, RESTORE & HAND) has a melting point of 89 degrees while coconut oil (not the fractioned kind but full-of-nutrient kind) has a melting point of 78 degrees.


Sometimes you may notice a “grainy” feel to our products. It is just our fresh ingredients waiting to be melted by the warmth of your skin. This will in no way effect the purity of the products you will enjoy. Because raw shea butter and coconut oil is solid at room temperature, when exposed to cooler temps below 65 (or left in your car in winter) it can become very hard but melt when stored in a warm place. It's assurance that we don't add fillers nor do we remove the parts of ingredients that become solid. Did you know companies do that?

Should your superfood for skin become liquid (in shipment or otherwise) and you prefer a creamier consistency, place in a sink or bowl of very warm water until completely melted, put in your fridge until solid, and store in the place you will use it most.

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Today, we are so programmed to apply soaps all over the body. This simply is not necessary and leaves the skin dry and strips important nutrients from the skin.

You would be surprised to know how well good ole H2O works on washing away the "dirt and grime" that accumulates on our arms, legs, and torso each day. Most of us aren't getting dirty enough on a daily basis to warrant soap all over, right? If you are, then by all means.

That may sound a bit hippy but true. Little ones are no exception.

Use CLEANbaby on "pit and privates." All other areas get "washed" with NOURISHbaby.


CLEANbaby's complete ingredient list:

saponified oils of coconut oil, olive and jojoba + aloe vera* + lavender oil {lavandula angustifolia} + grapefruit oil {citrus paradisi} + rosemary extract

*made using organic practices

Are CLEANbaby and clean the same?


Years ago, I had several people ask that I create baby products in cute packaging that can be given as baby gifts. Since the ingredients in CLEAN are healthy enough for any age, why reinvent the wheel, so to say? I simply designed a new label, called it CLEANbaby and away we went.

If you are using CLEAN (or CLEANbaby) for the whole family, we have 32 oz. refill to fill up everyone's bottles. Spread the love in each bathroom (and save some green).

Difference between NOURISHBaby and cleanBaby

Remember NOURISHbaby and NOURISH are the same formula.

CLEANbaby is a soapy cleanser made with gentle castile soap and essential oils. It should be use on certain areas, as I say with my kids..."pits and privates." hardly any of us get dirty enough (some mom's may not agree) to warrant the use of a soapy cleanser. Even though CLEANbaby is one of the most gentle and safe soapy cleansers, it should be mostly used just on those areas.

NOURISHbaby to the rescue. As stated above, NOURISHbaby, made with only plant oils, can hydrate while "cleansing" at the same time because of its bacterial-fighting properties but does not suds up.


We've got stuff for your beautiful belly.NOURISH your belly with NOURISH.Prevent stretch marks with RENEW.

The products are listed below.

With our 30 day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but toxic ingredients.

How to use?


Put 2-3 pumps of NOURISHbaby in bath and let them play.


To protect little bums from diaper rash, apply a small amount of NOURISHbaby during their diaper change.


CLEANbaby is for pits & privates (or after a diaper blow out).

NOURISHbaby to hydrate all other areas.

If you want to learn more, go to our f.a.q.


It's true. We don't play well with others...kind of.

Bloom products are made with ONLY non-GMO plant oils, butter, and raw honey. That's it.

I would bet that most of the skin care products in your home right now are filled with lots of junk like alcohols, perfumes, dyes, thickeners, colors, and other just plain cheap fillers that are the cause of dull, aging, and inflamed skin.

You can't effectively detox your body while eating a greasy burger and fries, right? The same is true for skin. While embarking on this journey toward amazing skin, you don't want to be feeding your skin the proverbial french fry-type ingredients along with the healthy stuff. All or nothing is how you are going to see the most dramatic skin transformation.

So, leave that old skin behind and embark on getting the skin you've always wanted without additives and toxins and instead, nourish your skin. It will thank you for it.

treat yourself to great skin, too!

You work hard to treat them special. It's your turn.

Learn more here.

We have solutions for everyone.

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