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50% off or more offer expires September 4, 2016 (see below)

Hi, I'm Molly, owner of Bloom Naturals. It is my joy to help you serve your community.

The market is filled with ingredients that claim to be healthy, many claiming to be plant-derived and other great things. What was once a plant now has been altered in labs to the point where it is anything but it's nourishing former self.

Back in 2009, I started Bloom out of a frustration that I couldn't find products with truly healthy ingredients. It was then that I committed to being a company that could be trusted to provide ONLY uber healthy products. Of course, they had to work amazing, also.

Using ONLY non-GMO, nutrient dense plant oils, butters, and extracts is the key to the effectiveness of our products. Yup, no water, fillers, preservatives (learn why we don't need them) dyes, perfumes nor anything made in a lab.

Since you know your community best, I thought you could pick which product or product category would interest them most. 

A special deal for you!

Rather than just give you $15 off any product, I would love to offer you 50% or more off a product you think would best serve your community (or you). Email me. I will treat you right.

To make sure you have plenty of time to receive your product(s), test them out and tell your people, this offer is available ONLY until SEPTEMBER 4, 2016. 

Email me your pickings.

Simply email me at to let me know which product or product category {irritated skin, kids, body, face} you would love to try out so you can share with your community.

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