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Welcome to Bloom.

We are honored to be able to share with you what makes us unique. If you are already familiar with what makes our products special, skip to the bottom for more information in joining us to spread the word to your community.

What makes us different?

Hello. I'm Molly and I am honored to have hand-picked the freshest fruit and veggie oils, butters, and extracts that help you get the skin you've always wanted. It's like an old fashion farmers market in a bottle.

Never will you find fillers like water, alcohols, preservatives, and many others in our products. These dilute, cause irritation, put toxins into our blood stream and build up on the skin making it dull and clogging pores (which lead to irritation). Many walk around looking older than their years or hiding because of acne, eczema or other irritations. See below for why ingredients matter.

Bloom’s ingredients are raw, virgin or filter refined (never solvent refined), grown using organic practices when possible. While the term "fair trade" has lots of political angles, I make sure that the ingredients I purchase are from farmers being paid a fair wage.

When I visit the farmers market, I ask if their farming methods are organically minded. My preference is always to support smaller farms doing honest work rather than pay a premium for board room execs; I don't get caught up in the bureaucracy of labels.


Before I go any further, here are some things you should know.
{hint: they are all good}

1. All our products are for dry, oily, combo skin! Because we don't use harsh ingredients that strip the skin, skin oil levels actually balance out so it doesn't matter what type of skin you have.

2. We are into simple. Simple routines create success rather than a complicated 10 step program. Even your teenage son will think this is simple! Skin care doesn't need to be that complicated. Feed your skin good stuff and it will do the rest!

Why do great ingredients matter?

When you remove all the fillers and other toxins (water, alcohols, preservatives, perfumes, emulsifying wax, petroleum ingredients, etc.) and replace them with healthy, active, beneficial ingredients, your skin is able to go about the work of healing itself.

Think about what happens when we remove processed food from our diet and replace it with healthy fruits, veggies, quality proteins, nuts, and seeds. We begin to feel better, sleep better, lose weight, our mood improves, etc. Basically, our body is telling us that we are making better choices and it doesn't have to work as hard to clean out the yuck. Without all the distractions, your body is able to begin the work of healing itself.

The same is true for skin. When much of a product contains these "junk food" ingredients, your skin must take much of it's energy just cleaning out the junk which leaves little energy for healing and repairing skin.

That’s why our product work when others don’t. Experience the difference! Learn more about each ingredient we use, here.