protect your girls

I’m sure you’ve been on the search for the very best workout bra, one that perfectly protects your girls without allowing even so much as a bounce. I’m still searching for the best one.

The breastplate of Righteousness is like a bullet proof vest that protects your most significant organ, your heart.

But you can't google the kind of protection, or ask for recommendations on social media, or countless try-ons in stores.

This protection is already available to you. “This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.” (Romans 3:22)

Jesus goes on to say that those who are hungry for righteousness would be filled.

But then says NOT to worry.

All we need to do is seek his righteousness and all the things we concern ourselves with will be taken care of.

So, how do you actually seek?

It all goes back to abiding, learning what Jesus did, how he lived his life, asking the Holy Spirit for guidance, asking the Spirit of God what he thinks about certain circumstances in your life. Basically, dating God. But, not in a weird way.

Sister, there’s no need to feel instant overwhelm. Maybe you are thinking you’ve already tried this, you’ve begged God help you but nothing seems to change.

Read scripture. Read it. Put down your non-fiction novel one chapter too early and read scripture. During your morning cup of coffee, start in the gospels and just read. Read for 5 minute or 30 minutes. My intent is NOT to cheapen scripture. But you need to start somewhere and something is better than nothing. The rest will work itself out. I promise.

For years I wanted to be in love with Jesus. I wanted to feel so much love for him that the desires of my worldly heart just go poof and were gone. I used to be jealous of the way Francis Chan would talk about his dearest friend, Jesus. I wanted that. Desperately.

But the things of this world, the good things, the christian things like bible studies and book groups, the daily things like kids and family filled up my days that Jesus was this figure I knew was there but out there but seems unreachable. He was like a Daddy sitting on the beach waiting for his daughter to come and sit on his lap, to engage, laugh, be silly, or cry with. Instead I just played in the sand around him, knowing he was there.

Dating Jesus?

Think about the kind of marriage you would have it you sat on a couch waiting for your husband to serve, love, nurture your relationship, meet your deepest needs. But you did nothing. What kind of marriage would you have?

It’s kind of similar with Jesus. Stick with me. It has to begin with us even if the “us” part meant reading the bible for 5 minutes per day. You can do that, right? You could do that while sitting in the pick up line at school, or waiting for your gas to finish pumping, or waiting for the dentist. Whatever it takes just do that.

I used to think Jesus wanted me to get up early, before the kids, spend 30 minutes reading scripture, worship, then journal what he was telling me. Being a young mom,  I was exhausted each morning so I failed each morning. Those daily failures piled up in my backpack of guilt to where the burden was overwhelming. That guilt made me feel like I had messed up so many times that I wasn’t even worthy of coming to him. 

No clipboards in heaven

But Jesus isn’t like that. He isn’t holding a clip board of wrongs we have done. Once we get through the list of bad choices, then and only then can we move forward in getting to know him. That isn’t how it works.

Like the parable of the prodigal son, when the son was a long way off...he was so far away that the father couldn’t hear him to know if he was repentant or not...the father had compassion for his son, hiked his tunic up...this was rather inappropriate for the day...and RAN to his son, welcoming him home.

He hiked his tunic up...that was the only way to RUN without tripping over his tunic in those days. It exposed the legs which was scandalous. But the father didn’t care. His only focus was on the son, loving him, welcoming him. Imagine that, a wayward son come home. Oh the joy!

No need for perfection

We do NOT need to be perfect, to come at the perfect time, to say the perfect words or even use any words at all. We just need to come. Read. Listen.

În doing this, we are putting on a bullet proof vest that will protect our most vital organ, the heart. Reading, listening, abiding will help our hearts from becoming vulnerable to worldly desires.

So, sweet one the kind of Righteousness that truly protects is the one you can’t earn. It’s a free gift through faith in Jesus. Ask him about it.

Dr. David Jeremiah wrote, “Righteousness is becoming in practice what you already are in position.” 

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